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An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Workshop

I hate to do nothing.  I get stir crazy.  The Husband gets annoyed when we go on vacation and I don’t want to just sit by the pool.  One hour at the pool in the morning and one hour at the pool in the afternoon and that’s more than enough for me.  I’d much rather be doing things, sightseeing, walking around, anything but sitting.  I know most people enjoy doing nothing, but I’m a weirdo.

About an hour of that is all I really need.  Maybe two hours...

About an hour of that is all I really need. Maybe two hours…

We recently went on Vacation and all the downtime drove me nuts.  We did a lot, don’t get me wrong, but there was too much down time for my liking.  I’m the same when it comes to work.  I want to be busy.  I think that’s partially why one of my most favorite jobs ever was being a Front Desk manager for a busy Cape Cod hotel.

Being a front desk manager in a busy hotel in a vacation hotspot means being ready for anything, and I mean anything.  There are so many different people, coming and going, needing directions, needing recommendations, having complaints, just chatting while they wait for their friend.  It was never a dull moment.

The Aria Front Desk

The Aria Front Desk

There was one night when we were patting ourselves on the back for a smooth Friday night check-in. We had just checked-in three coaches full of tourists from various places who had come to visit Cape Cod for the first time.  After the room moves, the luggage deliveries, and making sure that everyone was happy, we got a call from another local tour operator.  They had a coach full of unhappy guests.  The hotel they had checked into did not meet their standards and this tour operator wanted to know if we had any rooms.  We did, but it took at least a day in most cases to prepare for a coach.  I gladly took on the challenge.  We made the key cards in record time.  The room maps were highlighted and attached to the key envelope with precision.  We labeled everything and entered in the rooming list all before the bus pulled into our parking lot.  The guests entered the hotel relieved that they had found somewhere nicer and for once, they were all happy with their rooms (a rare thing).

It felt good.  It was crazy.  It was chaotic.  It was glorious.  I thrive on being surrounded by a chaotic mess of business.  It’s wonderful.  I know that some people might think that’s not healthy but it’s just something that I just love.

I sometimes miss that chaos of a busy job.  I don’t necessarily miss the hours that are required but it sure beats the opposite.  I have experienced the joys of unemployment and I nearly went insane over it.  The first few days of unemployment were lovely.  I read books, watched daytime tv, realized why I liked reading books during the day more than daytime tv, watched movies.  Then the boredom hit.

Yeah - that was pretty close to my list...aside from applying to jobs...

Yeah – that was pretty close to my list…aside from applying to jobs…

It’s amazing how having nothing to do can really wear on one’s brain. There’s that old poem by Shel Silverstein “Whatif” that pretty much summed up how my brain began to function.  It was like a switch flipped and all of a sudden my brain realized that it was being underutilized.  I stared thinking crazy things like in the poem.  When I had nothing to think about during the day,  I just started going to places that no normal person goes and it was like my mind couldn’t shut off.

That was when I really learned about myself and how I needed to be thinking, problem solving, having some kind of thing to do during my day other than trying to entertain myself.  I actually missed people complaining to me or even accusing me of stealing their orthopedic shoes (true story!) which is something I thought I would never miss.

I guess that’s why I have turned to blogging.  It helps fill the void.  I work part-time now and I now have a daughter who takes up a lot of my time, but it’s not really chaos.  Blogging has helped me keep my mind busy and kept me from a padded room somewhere, though I hear that those rooms are very relaxing…

Do you like being busy or do you prefer relaxing and vegging out?

This post was inspired by NaBloPoMo, a month-long blogging project.  Read other blogs that are participating by clicking here.  Today’s prompt: Are you happier when you’re working or when you’re relaxing?

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