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Cooling Down

The summer was always a time of rejoicing.  No more school, entire days spent on the lake, and staying out even after it got dark.  While the no more school aspect made me a little sad (yes, I was that kid), I took solace in the summer reading list and in the fact that the lake was my most favorite place on the planet.  We have the ocean but, the lake was where we spent almost every day of my childhood summers.

The Lake

The Lake close to sunset

My mother would tell us to get our bathing suits on around 9 or 10 am and then we would walk up the hill and down the hill in our neighborhood to get to the neighborhood beach.  We would spend all morning there, diving off the docks, racing, and playing games like dibble dabble, a game involving bring a small stick as deep as you could go and the first person to see it would yell “Dibble Dabble!” and jump to get the stick for their turn to bring the stick down.  I am shocked that Dibble Dabble made it into the Urban Dictionary (the third definition – I never even knew of the first definition) but I digress.

We would spend the day just splashing and having the time of our lives.  We would walk home, have a little lunch, or sometimes we would bring lunch and eat it while we sat in the lake, proving that the whole “wait one hour after eating before you go swimming” is a myth.  I had a tan, a real tan.  I didn’t even have to lie on the beach which is something I hate anyway.

Diving competitions were a staple too.  We devised our own rating system based on height, splash, and sometimes how far you went under water.  We would play Name That Tune underwater, something that inspired the title of this blog, actually.  We would have handstand competitions, making letters with our legs or seeing who would stand up the longest underwater.

We were never too hot if we were in the lake.  We were never sticky, never miserable, never whiny (unless we were given the five minute warning).  We were happy, carefree, and laughing – something every child should be during the summer.

Today, the summer heat and humidity that is currently gripping most of the country was just one small reason why we went to the lake after work and preschool.  Nothing can cool you down like a swim in the lake.  The water was the perfect temperature, cool and refreshing thanks in part to the lake being spring fed.  The Daughter is learning to swim now and every times she plunges her head underwater to swim to either me or the Husband, I think about being a kid swimming and jumping into the deep end.  I remembered today how much fun it was to just spend that evening time, between 5pm and 7pm at the lake, when the water is glassy and perfectly reflecting the clouds in the summer evening sky.  The peace of the ducks swimming and dabbling, still swimming with the momma duck, the summer boaters (mostly locals on a Monday night) going for that last spin around the lake before calling it a night, all of it just makes me happy and reminds me that I may be older, but that kid still lives inside me.  It made me happy, just like this image from two years ago makes me happy…

The Daughter ready to start learning to swim at the ripe old age of 2

The Daughter ready to start learning to swim at the ripe old age of 2

Stay cool, dear readers…the next few days are going to be scorchers!


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This Pool Workout Kicked My…

You know how you sometimes read a pin on Pinterest and it has a title like “Hardcore Pool Workout” and you think really?  Is it really hardcore?

I tried this particular workout the other day.

Tone in the Pool

First, let me start off by saying that the water is where I feel most at home.  I love the freeing feeling of the water and the way it ignores all flaws of a woman who is not a bathing suit model in any sense of the word.  I have been a swimmer since I was three.  Took swimming lessons at the YMCA and have not stopped swimming since.  I love it.  So, if given the chance to do a workout in the pool, I will gladly accept this challenge.

That being said, this workout kicked my butt (insert a stronger word here if you like).  It says it’s like fun in the water.  Yeah, fun if you already have some kind of muscles and are not built like a sea mammal with layers of blubber that lives in the arctic.

The first of these exercises was the K-Tread.  Basically you tread water while doing Rockette kicks underwater in the deep end.  Not too hard.  Just keep your toes pointed.  Don’t want to be kicked off the line for not having pointy toes.


The next move was called “The Otter Roll.”  In this amazing move, you had to take a beach ball and roll around like one of those cute otters eating a sea urchin.  Doesn’t seem like it would be hard, but let me tell you, holding that ball, not so easy.

The “Ball Lever” was also seemingly easy until you try to do more than three in a row.

The “Pike Skull” was actually pretty easy.  I liked this one the best.  I could do this one all day and be happy.

Then to finish out this workout, you are supposed to end with the “Wave Maker.”  First, do not attempt the wave maker if there are children in the pool with you.  They may end up swallowing water.   Second, do not attempt the wave maker if your mother and her friend are sitting on the pool deck in the shallow end with their feet in the water, they may get soaked.  So, after you have adequately warned and/or cleared the pool of any potential drowning victims, you may begin this torturous exercise move.

All of these moves are to be done for 30 seconds and then repeated.  Eventually, the idea is to build up each one’s time and ultimately “tone” your body.  If you survive the first set of 30 second reps then you might end up with the ideal bathing suit body, or at least as close as us real people can imagine getting.

I don’t know that I will be as skeptical now of pins that are labeled “Ultimate,” “Hardcore,” or “Killer.”  They might not be lying.

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