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Seconds of Summer

It is surreal.  For someone who doesn’t usually like to focus on herself or draw much attention to herself, I find myself in the strange position of putting myself out there and pushing something I created.  Then again, I wrote the story so people would read it.  I find myself following authors on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blogs – looking for hints about how they market their books.  It’s fascinating to me and sometimes feels a bit egotistical but I suppose we all have that little streak of ego that helps us move forward.  It is probably a good thing. Listening to that ego only takes a second and sometimes it pays off.

Today is the last day of June. They say we get a whole extra second today.  That extra second could make a world of difference to someone today and I find myself thinking about that second.  So many possibilities in one second.  I know in one second, the second I pushed that button to publish, I made a dream come true.  It takes just one second and a person ready to take that second and make the most of it.

Cape Cod Canal and The Sagamore Bridge

Cape Cod Canal and The Sagamore Bridge

It feels like summer today. So many seconds make up a summer day, roughly 86,400 seconds.  Seconds of laughter. Seconds of hazy heat.  Seconds of cookouts.  Seconds of music playing into the night.  Seconds of splashing in the ocean.  Seconds that make life wonderful.  Take those seconds and try to enjoy them.

As the Daughter and I were getting ready this morning, she was regaling me with stories of her first day at 4-H camp (which was a huge success thankfully and put this worried mother at ease), I took a second to just look at that little 6-year-old face. In that second, I saw her happy and innocent, enjoying life in its simplest form.  Out in the woods, out in the lake, out with people having fun singing camp songs.  No electronics.  No real worries.  Just sunshine and laughter.  Seconds of life that hopefully she will some day remember and smile about.

Go make the most of your extra second today.

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Perfect Summer Day

Today was a perfect summer day.

The Daughter woke up and wanted to go to the lake. We spent three hours down there, playing and splashing. Her swimming skills are improving and that just makes me so very happy! I did 7 laps from the dock to buoys that mark the swim zone for the beach, easily 50 meters each way. It felt so good!

Came home, had lunch, and then we all took a little siesta. The heat and the sun made us all a little lethargic. The naps helped though. The Husband looks like a lobster but I am sure he will be tan by the morning, the lucky stiff.

The Barnstable County Fair started tonight. We went around dinner time and had fun checking out all the animals and exhibits. Then, we played a few games and let the Daughter ride a few of the more mild rides.




Fair food did not disappoint and we even got to catch a bit of The Spinners perform.

All in all, I consider this the perfect summer day!


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I seriously regret complaining when we lost power for three days after the Blizzard of 2013.  If I could guarantee that the water pipes wouldn’t freeze, I would gladly take sitting at home with the inside being 40 degrees.  I can always put more clothes and blankets on to warm myself.  I cannot take off more clothes to cool down though.

Since I do not have central air and the current temperature 75 degrees with 94% humidity at 11:30 pm, I will leave you with this woman who pretty much sums it up…please excuse her language but today, and probably tomorrow, this is exactly what I was thinking…

Tell Mr. 101 to take his heat and....

Tell Mr. 101 to take his heat and….

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Cooling Down

The summer was always a time of rejoicing.  No more school, entire days spent on the lake, and staying out even after it got dark.  While the no more school aspect made me a little sad (yes, I was that kid), I took solace in the summer reading list and in the fact that the lake was my most favorite place on the planet.  We have the ocean but, the lake was where we spent almost every day of my childhood summers.

The Lake

The Lake close to sunset

My mother would tell us to get our bathing suits on around 9 or 10 am and then we would walk up the hill and down the hill in our neighborhood to get to the neighborhood beach.  We would spend all morning there, diving off the docks, racing, and playing games like dibble dabble, a game involving bring a small stick as deep as you could go and the first person to see it would yell “Dibble Dabble!” and jump to get the stick for their turn to bring the stick down.  I am shocked that Dibble Dabble made it into the Urban Dictionary (the third definition – I never even knew of the first definition) but I digress.

We would spend the day just splashing and having the time of our lives.  We would walk home, have a little lunch, or sometimes we would bring lunch and eat it while we sat in the lake, proving that the whole “wait one hour after eating before you go swimming” is a myth.  I had a tan, a real tan.  I didn’t even have to lie on the beach which is something I hate anyway.

Diving competitions were a staple too.  We devised our own rating system based on height, splash, and sometimes how far you went under water.  We would play Name That Tune underwater, something that inspired the title of this blog, actually.  We would have handstand competitions, making letters with our legs or seeing who would stand up the longest underwater.

We were never too hot if we were in the lake.  We were never sticky, never miserable, never whiny (unless we were given the five minute warning).  We were happy, carefree, and laughing – something every child should be during the summer.

Today, the summer heat and humidity that is currently gripping most of the country was just one small reason why we went to the lake after work and preschool.  Nothing can cool you down like a swim in the lake.  The water was the perfect temperature, cool and refreshing thanks in part to the lake being spring fed.  The Daughter is learning to swim now and every times she plunges her head underwater to swim to either me or the Husband, I think about being a kid swimming and jumping into the deep end.  I remembered today how much fun it was to just spend that evening time, between 5pm and 7pm at the lake, when the water is glassy and perfectly reflecting the clouds in the summer evening sky.  The peace of the ducks swimming and dabbling, still swimming with the momma duck, the summer boaters (mostly locals on a Monday night) going for that last spin around the lake before calling it a night, all of it just makes me happy and reminds me that I may be older, but that kid still lives inside me.  It made me happy, just like this image from two years ago makes me happy…

The Daughter ready to start learning to swim at the ripe old age of 2

The Daughter ready to start learning to swim at the ripe old age of 2

Stay cool, dear readers…the next few days are going to be scorchers!


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Did Pilgrims Really Wear Wool?

Today was a typical New England summer day.  It was hazy, hot, and humid.  Well, more cloudy than hazy but the humidity is definitely making the air thick and uncomfortable.  After the winter we had, I’m not totally complaining but, I really could do without the humidity.  It affects everything.  Everyone is just so drained and tired from moving in the humid air.  As I write this, the humidity is as 98%.  Gross.  Not having an air-conditioned house means we live with the constant white noise of the fans in almost every room but at least it moves the soupy air around, giving some small bit of relief.  Not to mention anyone who has some kind of curl to their hair ends up looking like this…

That's how my hair looks in this humidity.

That’s how my hair looks in this humidity.

I can’t help but think on days like this, did the Pilgrims really wear wool?  They landed in Provincetown first, where they signed the Mayflower Compact before finally settling across Cape Cod Bay in Plymouth.  That means they lived near the ocean air, where humidity can often take over a perfectly nice summer day and make it miserably hotter.    Anyone who remembers just a little of their U.S. History class will remember that the Pilgrims were very modest people and living in the 1620s, they didn’t have much in the way of fabric choices for their clothing – wool, linen, and some cotton.

Doesn't that look hot?

Doesn’t that look hot?  Image from www.plimoth.org

I know that global warming is partially to blame for the extreme weather conditions, but they must have had some of the summer temperatures we have now.  Humidity like we are currently experiencing induces lethargy of epic proportions.  Lethargy of this level was probably some kind of sin knowing the Pilgrims (despite the fact that lethargy is a fun word to say).   Even in linen clothing, they still had all their undergarments which were much more than what we call undergarments today.  I just can’t help but wonder about how hot they all must have been toiling away in their summer gardens, preparing for the lovely Massachusetts winter, which we all know can be brutal and was brutal for the Pilgrims’ first winter here, sweating under two layers of clothing.

Imagine being this woman, cooking all day long to make sure at night there was dinner prepared, or cleaning clothing in front of that boiling water…

How hot does that look???? Image from www.plimoth.org

I think the next time I am at Plimoth Plantation, I am going to have to ask how they stayed cool in the summer with the humidity.  The only cure I have ever found is to go swimming.  Did they dump buckets of water on themselves?  Did they go swimming?  And if they did go swimming, what did their bathing suits look like???

Thank goodness I was not a Pilgrim…I may have melted away.


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Made it Through Monday

I made it through Monday. Barely. I think the heat is exhausting me even though today was not as bad as the past few days.

I am whiny to the point that I now know why the daughter is a pro at it.

Then my Internet is acting all wonky and I have a sneaking suspicion that it is because of the Husband’s new WiFi amplifier.

I suppose it is the universe telling me to finish Sense and Sensibility so I can get to the good books…

Well played, universe. Well played.

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A Week of Recovery

It has been seven whole days since I posted last.  A lot has happened over the past week or so.  A lot that has been rattling around in my head.  That means it’s time to purge and guess what dear reader, you are the lucky ones who will be able to maybe see some sense in my chaos…

1)  Losing an ovary and a fallopian tube is strange.  I feel the space.  Maybe it’s phantom pains but I know it’s not there and I know that it feels different than my left side.  I have photos but will spare you all the images that show the dermoid and the paratubal cysts that had been growing.  It’s weird.  I suppose it’s good that I don’t need both.  Just weird…

I could always get this to replace that emptiness I feel...hahaha!

I could always get this to replace that emptiness I feel…hahaha!

2) Reading is wonderful.  I have had a lot of time during this week of recovery.  I have done A LOT of reading.  Reading for work about SEO practices, Social Media Marketing techniques, books for my own pleasure, magazines, flipboard articles…lots and lots of reading.  I had a preview of what my life will be like when I am old and cannot work.  I will read and never be bored.

3)  NaBloPoMo for May was another bust.  I had hoped it would keep me focused but the hormonal imbalance mentioned before made writing kind of a mess.  I was crying at the drop of a hat, kind of like just after I had given birth…weird…but not good for writing blog posts.  They would have been all over the map, kind of like this one, but more sappy and more whiney.

4) Memorial Day is here.  It’s the offical start of summer.  God grant me the patience to not kill the tourists who cannot drive the rotary.

be a traveler not a tourist

On a more serious note, Thank you to those who have fought and sacrificed to give me the chance to be a traveler and enjoy our country and all the freedoms that come with living here.

5) Weight loss better get easier now that I am done feeling like crap.  Once I am cleared for exercise, it’s on like Donkey Kong.  And yes, I just went there.

So, there we have it.  I am going to attempt to write out the rest of May’s NaBloPoMo and continue to write.  I am signing up for June because now it really is a personal challenge to finish one entire month.  I am determined.  I do not foresee any health issues (knock on wood) that will prevent me from being able to stay lucid enough to get in every day!

Summer – Bring. It. On.

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This Week in Pop Culture

I am a TV junkie.  There I said it.  I own it.  I like TV.  Yes, I could spend my time doing other things but I, like many people, just find myself watching the latest new show, “just to check it out.”  Then I get hooked.  Some of the shows are good, some of the shows are my secret shame.

The summer season is sadly winding down.  I say sadly because I really feel like the summer seasons are not long enough.  I know that the shows that they play are usually highly produced and usually cost mucho dinero, but I just feel like they fly by!

True Blood, for example, is one that just feels like it was really picking up steam and this coming Sunday is the season finale.  So much is just starting, so much is on the edge of amazing.  I know that’s why it’s ending but really, it could go for a few more episodes before it leaves us on the edge of our seats as it most likely will.  I like how the show is different from Charlaine Harris’ world in the books but I also don’t like it.  I have not been a fan of evil Bill.  I like how he kind of is there but not really there in the books, just being Bill.  This Lilith stuff is just kind of wacky to me.  I wanted to see the Faerie War.  And where’s Quinn?  Coming soon?  And what in the name of all that is Sookie is going on with her losing her power?  That is kind of lame too.  Just my thoughts.

The Cast of True Blood Season 5. Love this show and glad this season has been so good (for the most part).

The Newsroom is my new summer favorite.  I was a huge fan of the West Wing and when I heard that Sorkin was back with a drama about a cable news show, I was in.  The first episode I had to keep putting the image of Jeff Daniels in Dumb and Dumber where he makes the most annoying sound in the world.  It didn’t take me long to get rid of that image.  Daniels is so good in this role.  He is the journalist I dream of.  He doesn’t let up on the hard questions.  He wants the truth. He doesn’t care if he agrees with it or not, he just wants the truth and that’s what he strives to report.  The dialogue is amazingly written, the characters are real people working for a cable giant, ironically enough, headed by Jane Fonda.  For me the show portrays what I wish the world was like.  I wish that the news anchors would ask the questions that matter, cover the stories that matter, cover our country like it mattered.  Instead, we are inundated with Honey Boo Boo, “Kimye,” and whatever else is out there that really isn’t “news” but because people watch it (because it’s all they put on and we don’t turn our TVs off), they keep producing it. I wish Newsroom were real.  I would love it if people really cared about the country and the real issues.  Sigh…I am stepping off my soapbox.  I love this show.

Best new show of the summer. Period.

I love Sci-Fi so when Falling Skies was announced, I was intrigued.  Post-alien invasion world; resistance force based in Massachusetts, aliens – right up my alley.  It has been really, really good.  A sci-fi show like this is truly a story of humanity.  Yes there are big bad aliens invading, but really, it’s about how humanity prevails even when threatened to the point of extinction.  It’s about how we are all basically the same yet it takes great tragedy for us to realize that.  Yes there are the bad apples, like Pope, but overall, everyone is able to work together to keep some semblance of the world they know.  If you like rooting for the underdog and aren’t afraid of aliens, you really should give this show a shot.  It’s very well done, the effects aren’t too cheesy and the dialogue is pretty good.

The Battle for Earth Begins – Falling Skies

Then there is the never-ending stream of reality TV.  It’s like soap operas come to life in some cases.  In other cases, it’s watching grown adults act like three-year olds.  Hell’s Kitchen is a train-wreck that I cannot take my eyes off of.  These foul-mouthed chefs are amazing to watch.  I constantly wonder where they were trained and who allowed them to have the mouths that they have.  It’s amazing.  They beep more words than they actually say.  Then, there’s Master Chef where the home cooks have to compete each week for the chance to have a cookbook and a car.  That one is a little more sophisticated.  Less language beeping, more cooking.  Keeping with the food themed shows, we come to the best of them, Top Chef Masters. This is the spin-off of Top Chef where the already famous and well-established chefs come together and compete as the Top Chef contestants do, but they donate all their winnings to charity.  This is where the real cooking happens.  This is where the real chefs come.  This is the ultimate cooking show!

Moving from food, there are my Housewives.  My New Jersey Housewives and their “do-people-really-truly-live-like-this?” show.  I can’t stop watching.  Each week is more ridiculous than the last.  Their dramas are bigger than their hair.  Their feuds are more intense than their make-up.  They yell, they cry…it’s how I imagine a family reunion to be if I had a big family like that.  There is no rhyme or reason as to why this show exists other than people like me who tune in week after week to find out if Teresa is going to finally wise up to her ways or if Caroline is going to pass judgement on someone else.

However you cut it, I probably watch way too much TV.  No, not probably, I do.  I do watch way too much TV.  It’s on the lists of habits to change but right now, I will enjoy my gluttony of summer TV shows.

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