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Yellow Dust

I have no idea what the actual pollen count is right now.  I do know that my head feels like it’s about to just pop off because of the scratchy itchy misery that the yellow pollen is currently wreaking on my sinuses.  I know that trees are beautiful and usually I tell the Husband to get over the fact that he has allergies but right now, I am willing to go cut down all the trees with him.  My grey car is yellow.  You can see the dust blowing through the air.  It’s just blowing…into my eyes, my throat, everywhere.  I hate it. Make it stop.


The past two days, my allergy medicine hasn’t even touched my symptoms.  It’s miserable.  Yes, there are amazing things that come from pollen:

1) Honey

honeyAside from the fact that it is really bee puke, I’m glad that pollen is used to make something so delicious and wonderful.

2) Flowers and Fruits and Trees

Flowers Lilac.Lily

Without pollen, we wouldn’t get to smell lilacs or enjoy fruits like apples, peaches, cherries, and other good things that have flowers that need to be pollinated.

So…that’s two things.  Other than that…I’m all set.  Chop ’em all down.  Or at least make them stop releasing this ridiculous yellow dust!




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