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Why Did One Month of Writing a Blog Every Day Make Me Feel Burnt Out?

Last month I came the closest I have ever come to completing a NaBloPoMo.  For those who don’t know what that is, let me enlighten you.  There is a wonderful website called BlogHer.  It’s a support network, in essence, for women who blog.  They may be professional bloggers, they may be novice bloggers.  It doesn’t matter the level of blogging, they just blog.  They cover a range of topics from parenting to politics and everything in between.  Every month, the moderator of NaBloPoMo offers a topic and writing prompts and encourage writers to join in on the blogging goodness known as National Blog Posting Month, typically designated as the month of November.  Well…they liked it so much they do it every month!

July was the month I was finally going to get all the posts written.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to follow the prompts or just write and post, since writers are given the choice.  The main goal is to have one post every day for that entire month.


I started out July by following along with the prompts.  Then, I felt like I was losing my personal voice with the sometimes personal prompts. The prompts were not really things I was prone to talk about.  For example, the prompt for August 12 (today) is “Do you enjoy summer? Do you like it when it’s hot outside?”  While I could ramble on and answer the question in a very round about way, for me, that question is a simple “Yes, I enjoy summer.  No, I do not like it to be too hot.”  I suppose I still believe that “Brevity is the soul of wit”…  Not to mention that my answers were sounding like a journal, a high school journal…well ok, maybe more like a middle school journal.  I just felt awkward writing and following the prompts.  I felt like a machine.  It didn’t feel like writing that was true to me.

Why did I keep doing it?  Why didn’t I stop?  Well, the short answer is that I wanted to prove I could post a blog post every day for a month.

Halfway through the month, I felt like you were all getting sick of me.  I know there were times when I was getting sick of me.  I felt like there was nothing of value being said.  I know I was trying to write just to keep the gears greased so to speak but this was not feeling right.  Something was off.  I took the last couple of weeks, despite feeling like I was abandoning a child, and did not blog.  I just didn’t do it.  I read my favorite blogs, and even commented on a few of them.  I started a quilt project.  I moved on to the next chapter of re-writes on my book I have from last November’s National Novel Writing Month.  I did write a little here and there.  I just didn’t post it here.  Again…it wasn’t anything worth talking about.

I just am surprised at how easily I lost that urge to get words strung together after forcing myself to post every day.  Sadly, I couldn’t even come up with anything inspired to write for the last two days of July.  I still have not completed a NaBloPoMo…maybe September will be the month.


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