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Too Old for MTV

I remember thinking I would never be too old for good music.  I would never lose touch with the new stuff.  It would be my way of rebelling against Father Time.

Yeah…about that.

Tonight was the MTV Video Music Awards, or the MTV VMAs as they are called.  Once upon a time, I would sit down and watch it live, hoping that, even though I knew Tori wouldn’t win, the fact that “Silent All These Years” was even nominated made me hold out hope that maybe, this year would be the year.  The original Kanye interrupting move was done by Nathaniel Hornblower, interrupting R.E.M’s acceptance speech for Everybody Hurts.  Jared Leto was there because of his role in “My So Called Life,” not because he was in a band (though, the years have been very kind to Jordan).

Remember that awkwardness????

Remember that awkwardness????

Oh yeah and MTV showed videos 90% of the time back then.

Aside from all that…I tuned in to just check it out and talk about feeling slightly out of touch. I mean, I do know some of the artists because you’d have to live under a rock to not know Taylor Swift.  But some of these others just made me realize I’m old.  Le sigh.

The categories too have changed.  Best Video with a Social Message.  Didn’t realize that was now its own category.  Remember the days when the songs alone, without any videos, were the social message?  I mean yes, Macklemore’s song did have a social message – a very important and needed social message, but remember Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young’s “Ohio” – there was no video…yet there was quite the social message.

And now that I’ve ranted a little about this age gap, I’m cementing the fact that I’m turning into an old lady.

I wasn’t planning on watching the show. My Facebook feed though, had exploded with people who had rejoiced at the NSync reunion, hence the reason for me checking it out.  Curiosity, my name is Cat and you have killed me.  Also, I should confess I’m not too above admitting that I have come to adore JT over the years – boy can dance…and sing…and act…and entertain.  Let’s face it, the NSync reunion is much better than the NKOTB reunion (even though I feel like I’m denying my true first boy band love by saying that) just because they can ALL still sing and dance (unlike the even older NKOTB).

What will the VMAs look like when the Daughter is a teenager?  Will there still be music videos?  I hope so.  When the right song finds the right visionary, whether it be the recording artist or a director who just was moved by the song, magic can happen.  Art really can change a person and even though you may not like the song personally, you can appreciate the small video and the story created and told to the song.   I mean let’s face it, “Thriller” is a good song, but it’s epic when set to that amazing zombie dance scene.

I’ll be waiting MTV VMAs 2023 – let’s see if you can deliver.

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Did She Really Know He Was Trouble When He Walked In?

My four-year old loves to sing.  She’ll sing anything.  She made up a great song this past Memorial Day, a new family classic.  “It’s Memorial Day.  It’s Memorial Day.  Everyone shout hooray, hooray!”  It went on for about four verses and I was lucky enough to capture it on video.  I also have her on video singing along to “Call Me Maybe.”  Not my proudest moment but she begged to have a video of it.

I sometimes worry about the songs I let her listen to on the radio and after reading this article on the Huffington Post, I’m glad to see I’m not alone in my worry.

I know that I can’t keep her in a bubble but I want her to be a little girl as long as humanly possible.  I know right now, she’s just innocently singing along to Taylor Swift but I still cringe hearing that innocent voice singing those lyrics.

Parrothead-20My Mom is a Parrot head (aka a die-hard Jimmy Buffett fan).  We were raised on Jimmy Buffett music, long before the masses were singing Margaritaville and reminding us all that it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.  The staple in her car during our childhood was the greatest hits album, Songs You Know By Heart, aka the yellow case.  Almost everyone who knows Jimmy Buffett knows this album.  It’s got them all.  Mother, Mother Ocean. A Pirate Looks at 40.  Cheeseburger in Paradise.  Boat Drinks.  And then there’s the song that was always fast forwarded.  The one that Jimmy Buffett once called the New Bedford national anthem (it got a lot of laughs from the crowd at that concert).  The one that as a kid all I remember was the part about a water bed.   Now that I’m an adult, I realize that she was trying to make sure our innocent little minds didn’t come up with questions she didn’t want to answer.  I can only imagine how that conversation would have gone…

Us Kids: “Mommy, What’s ‘get drunk’ mean?”

Mom: “It means drinking a lot.”

Us Kids: “Oh, like too much kool aid?”

Mom:  “Yes. Exactly.”

A moment of silence and then the chorus comes back on “Why don’t we get drunk and screw?”

Us Kids: “So does screw mean go to the bathroom?  If he drank a lot of kool aid, he would have to pee.”

Mom:  “Yes.  That’s exactly what that means.”

Because of that glorious little fast forward button, that cassette tape hardly ever played that song.  We never had a chance to really ask that question.  Even if we had asked the question, I wonder if we would have understood the answer.

The scary thing for me is that the radio plays much more intense things now.  That would have been considered mild today.  Would have and is… It’s not just the radio though.  As the article points out, it’s tv too.  There’s so much that is said and it’s as if we forget that the English language is fortunate enough to have THOUSANDS of words to describe so many different things.  But pop culture seems to dictate speaking in text talk, hash tags, and with a profanity laced dialogue (or monologue depending on the person) that once upon a time would have made a sailor blush.


Even today, when we were driving home, Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” came on and she was soon singing along in the back seat “We’re up all night to get lucky.”  Either I have a dirty mind or she’s singing something she has no idea about.  I felt like a prude.  The song has an awesome beat and you can’t help but want to dance to it, no matter where you are.  I like it.  It’s on almost every radio station every ten minutes or so.  You can’t avoid it.   What does that mean as a mom?  Do I resort to censorship until she’s old enough to have a better understanding even though the very thought of censorship makes me feel a little nauseated?  Do I put her at a disadvantage, even at 4, because trust me, the kids know what is cool at 4.  Or do I just go along and pretend like it’s nothing until she asks?

It’s such an odd question to have to deal with. I will not worry too much about it right now but I will turn off the more “suggestive” songs (read “Blurred Lines”) even if I want to listen.  I’ll blast them when I’m driving to and from work.   In the mean time, I will continue to play the Beatles, big bands, and folk music mixed in with the occasional top 40 radio station that incessantly plays the same five songs over and over and over and over and over and over…

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Music for the Mood

Music is one of those forces that can bring me off the ledge. I call it a force because it truly moves me. I know that whatever emotion I am feeling, there is a song that will help me calm down, cry it out, or come to some kind of empowered feeling over whatever may be troubling me.

I don't think I've ever listened to music like this...

I don’t think I’ve ever listened to music like this…

To pick just one song is difficult because, for me, it really depends on the mood.

If I am feeling upset or maybe angry, Tori Amos can usually do the trick with most anything off of the Little Earthquakes cd.  I think it’s because that particular album is so raw and open. She pours her soul into every song and to this day, it does something to me.  I can get in my good cry, shake my fists at the ghosts in my head, and move on.

On those perfect summer days, the days where the sky is a perfect blue and the sunroof and all the windows are rolled down, I find I need something happy and moving, even if it means I might risk a speeding ticket.  Dave Matthews Band (Two Step, Dancing Nancies, Warehouse), O.A.R. (Crazy Game of Poker, Dareh Meyod, Hey Girl, Love and Memories), U2 (Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby) are all songs and albums that can make me just want to drive until I run out of gas just because I can.

driving music

The blur I see when I drive listening to music that makes me happy.

Music is powerful.  Don’t ever underestimate it!

This post is part of the May NaBloPoMo.  The theme for the month is Comfort.  Today’s prompt is “What song do you play to bring yourself comfort?”  Tired…that’s why this post is so short…tired…

What songs comfort you?

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Pump up the Volume! (No, Not the Christian Slater Movie…)

Music is today’s focus of today’s NaBloPoMo prompt.  What is my favorite song that gives me energy?  Song?  Only one?

Yeah right, as if I could pick just one?

I have a bit of a reputation for liking a lot of folksy and “angry chick” music.  Yes, I like it.  No, it’s not “angry chick” music and even if it is, so what? It’s not the type of music that really gives me my energy.  It’s nice to listen to, it’s nice to relax to, it’s nice to scream out the frustration to but, it’s not really always very energetic.  To be honest, I haven’t been listening to much of it lately.  I’m trying to find something different.  Any music recommendations are gladly welcomed!

When it’s time to get moving or tackle a project, there are a few songs that really kick whatever I’m doing into high gear.  I will try to limit my list to 10. I know that immediately after pushing the Publish button, I will have another 10 that I should have put on this list of ten.  Nevertheless, here we go…

1) Beastie Boys – Sabotage – I think it’s the driving rhythm of the rhymes but it just really gets me going.  When this song comes on, I know that stuff is about to get done.

2) Muse – Supermassive Black Hole – Another one – Just can’t explain it.  I just feel like I need to do something when this song comes on.

3) U2 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – U2 is probably one of my all-time favorite bands, despite the fact that I have never been to see them live.  If anyone would ever like to take me to see U2, please speak up!  This song is one of my favorites – always has been, especially when I’m driving.  It’s one of those songs that just makes you want to keep driving and climb that highest mountain.

4) Fatboy Slim – Gangster Tripping – This song makes thing move right along.  You can’t sit still through any of his mixes but, this one is one of my favorites.

5) Any kind of Swing Music – I like the old stuff.  I like the newer stuff.  I just like it all.  It’s fun.


6) Ani DiFranco – Jukebox – Ok – so one “angry chick” singer made the list.  This song kicks ass.  Besides, someday I’ll be that woman dancing in the kitchen…

7) Dave Matthews Band – Two Step (Live) –  The album cut of this song is good but nothing beats this song being played live.  Nothing. The energy just flows from every note played.  And as the instruments build in the intro, you feel the energy rising in you.  Then the lyrics (I am as much into the lyrics as I am the music) are just oozing with positive energy and love.

8) O.A.R. – Crazy Game of Poker – I found O.A.R. a little late in the game but it didn’t matter.  Their songs are all awesome.  Even better live.  This one song is by far one of my favorites by them (maybe second favorite next to Dareh Meyod).  This is one of those open all the windows in the car and drive with the music blasting not caring what anyone else thinks kind of songs.

O.A.R. - the look so serious in this photo.

O.A.R. – the look so serious in this photo.

9) Charlie Daniels Band – The Devil Went Down to Georgia – I cannot help but love a song that has a fiddle played like that.  I cannot help but feel energized listening to that fiddle burn it up!

10) The B-52’s – Love Shack – “If you see a faded sign at the side of the road/ that says 15 miles to the…”  You know you just shouted out the rest of that line.  It’s ok.  It’s one of those songs, no matter where you are, you have a sudden burst of energy and cannot sit still.

Music is really a great way to get your energy going and ready to conquer anything.  What are your go-to songs for getting the energy you need?


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