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C is for Cake; K is for Kryptonite


Superman was weakened by kryptonite.


Green Lantern was unable to fight against wooden objects and then later anything yellow.


Martian Manhunter was weakened by fire.


Wonder Woman just needed her hands bound and she was rendered a non-threat.


My weakness?  My one true thing that just makes me forget everything about myself?


Doesn’t matter what kind it is (well except coconut or lemon), but cake is the one thing that renders me useless.  I lose myself.  I may think I have the willpower to resist anything while on Weight Watchers, but when I see a beautiful piece of cake, I get all weak in the knees.

Funfetti Cake - the best cake ever!

Funfetti Cake – the best cake ever!

It’s something about moist cake, sweet sugary frosting (none of that whipped cream kind please!), and if it’s a layer cake, even better!  My arch nemesis would have it relatively easy.  If they themselves can’t bake a  yellow cake with chocolate frosting (possibly the best combination of cake and frosting), then they just need to go to a bakery or grocery store and buy a cake.  I would be defeated. It adds to my growing waist line and causes me to lose focus on my weight loss journey.


Yes, I am a cake fiend. I cannot resist it.  There, now you know my weakness.  Do not exploit it.


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