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If I had 60 Million Dollars

Do you ever go through times where your head is just full.  I mean full to the point where you don’t know what one thing to pull out and pick at and write about?  These last two weeks, and especially these past two days have been so charged and emotional and it all came to a head yesterday when a call from the doctor sent my head spinning.  It’s potentially nothing but, the wheels still start spinning.

So as I sit thinking and trying not to think, I don’t know what to write.  Everything is either too personal or too emotional or just too dark for my liking.

I feel like I need to write about something though.  It’s one of the few things to keep my sanity, so I must do it.

So, I’m going to write about the things I would buy if I won a hundred million dollars.

First, I think I would take the lump sum.  Let’s just assume that knocks it down to sixty million (figuring after all the taxes and whatnot).  I can live with that amount.

So first, I would buy a house for the Husband, the Daughter, and myself.  It wouldn’t be anything too flashy.  Just a nice Victorian four bedroom three bath, big yard, two car garage, wrap around porch with obligatory swing.  I don’t know what it is about this style of home.  Maybe in a past life, I lived in the Midwest at the turn of the century in one of these grand homes.  It would look something kind of like this…

victorian home

Then I would buy a new car.  Again nothing flashy, just something dependable.  Maybe flashy.  Ok.  Hell, it would be a BMW M6 convertible.  They are gorgeous!  It’s impractical, yes.  I don’t care.   I would have a practical every day car too.  Probably a Toyota of some sort or another.  And a truck.  Everyone should have a truck.


Then, I would probably pay off any family mortgages that were left.  Why not right?  In my mom’s case though, I might just build her a new house on the ocean.  It would be pretty spectacular.

Next up are the vacation homes.  I am not 100% sure where they would be but there would most likely be one in Florida (because everyone should have a house in Florida), one somewhere in the Loire Valley of France, and one wherever the Husband might want one.  Florida would have to be on the water, of course, and have a private beach.  Southern Florida would be ideal.  The Loire Valley is so amazingly beautiful.  Plus, wine flows like water.  This house would have a vineyard of its own.  I have no idea where the Husband would want one.  I will ask and find out.

I suppose I have to buy the Husband a car too…

I would invest a good chunk too, that way I can just live off the interest.

I would buy a motor boat – again, nothing flashy, something small so my Mom could water ski on the lake again.  I might get a yacht too though, just because I could and all those summers sitting on the dock at Falmouth Harbor made me want one kind of like this one…


I would travel.  I would knock off every single destination on my bucket list.  I would bring along any family member who wanted to come (and some friends who are considered family).  I would pay for them.

I would start a charity fund, one that helped single mothers who worked hard but couldn’t afford to send their kids to camp, to dances that required formal dresses, to music lessons, sports, whatever.

I would donate to cancer research namely ovarian and cervical cancer research.

I would finish my book.  Having money like that would allow me to spend time writing all the time without worry.

I’m sure there’s more but right now, that’s about all I’ve got.  My creativity is a little stifled.

What would you buy or do with the money?


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