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Fire Prevention Week and Fantastic Friday Library Time

This week is National Fire Prevention Week.  The one week a year that children around the country spend learning about fire prevention and fire safety.  Our local library took this week’s story hour as an opportunity to teach the preschoolers about fire and how to be safe.  The hour started out with a visit from members our local fire department, complete with an ambulance and one of the smaller engines.  The kids got to climb inside the ambulance and the fire truck and the firemen told them about all the equipment.  The Daughter jumped out of the ambulance and turned to her friend E- and shouted “Wasn’t that amazing, E-!”  She never fails to get a laugh.  Though I think the quote of the day was from the little boy inside the ambulance.  The fireman was explaining that if you are sick or hurt really badly, you may need to have a ride in the ambulance.  The little boy interjected, “Or if you’re dead you ride in the ambulance.”  I don’t think a single adult had a straight face.  Out of the mouth of babes…

The Daughter in the firetruck…loving every minute of it!

The Daughter was more than happy to see all the fire equipment.  She thought it was “amazing” and I think that’s good.  We recently had begun at home fire safety, reviewing our plan, where we would meet everyone after we got out of the house, and the most important – Stop, Drop, and Roll.

After we read two great stories about fire and firefighters, we left equipped with a coloring activity book for the Daughter, as well as a fire safety check-list for the home and a paper fire truck with all kinds of helpful hints.  All of this was supplied by FEMA US Fire Administration and I think will be helpful as I keep working with the Daughter on fire safety.

And what Friday trip to the library would be complete without our weekly picks for bedtime stories?

This week we grabbed:

Mermaid Dance by Marjorie Rose Hakala

A sweet story about mermaids who come to the shore to celebrate the solstice moon.  They have an amazing party and then dance in the waves and the moonlight of the summer solstice moon.

Dear Fish by Chris Gall

Peter Alan writes a letter to a fish inviting the fish to his house.  What happens next, no one could quite be prepared for!  A very adorable tale of what happens when you have unexpected house guests!

Hey, Diddle Diddle by Kin Eagle

This takes the original nursery rhyme and see what happens after the dish runs away with the spoon, what did the cat with fiddle play, and that cow – why did she jump?  A cute rhyme with music in the back.  I will attempt to teach it to the Daughter on the keyboard – attempt being the key word.

Go Away, Big Green Monster! by Ed Emberley

This sweet book builds up a monster and then sends it back away.  A fun pick for Halloween time to help the Daughter understand that these things are just make-believe!

Have you read any great bed time stories lately?


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