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And Who Are You?

Tonight, I finally began making the Daughter’s Halloween costume.  For the last two months she has asked to be Raven from Teen Titans Go!

T-E-E-N T-I-T-A-N-S...Teen Titans! Let's Go!

T-E-E-N T-I-T-A-N-S…Teen Titans! Let’s Go!

So, like many people, you are probably wondering, dear reader, who the heck is Raven?  If you already know, you are automatically cool in my book; if not, don’t worry, I will gladly explain.  Raven is the one in the above pic, floating on the left, in the purple cape.  Her comic book hero story is kind of dark.  She’s the daughter of a demon.  Her mother was part of a weird nonviolent cult that existed on another dimension…you can read all about it here, but I warn you, it’s really intense.

I first learned about Raven though, by watching this rather hysterical reboot of the series, Teen Titans. The one liners, the story lines…I have to admit, I laugh more than the daughter.  I mean who can resist an entire episode devoted to a Meatball Party!  Then of course, there is the love of the desert commonly known as Pie…”When I say yummy, you say pie.  Yummy!…..Yummy!…..”   Honestly, I really find it quite amusing.  Though, when you read the reviews, the hardcore fans do not like this reboot.  Oh well.  You can’t win them all.

At any rate, the Daughter loves Raven.  I have to admit, she’s kind of my favorite, too.  Sometimes, it is a toss up between her and Cyborg though – he’s pretty hilarious. Raven is often pessimistic, not easily amused, and sometimes just feels like a downer on the team.  Doesn’t matter, she’s still pretty awesome.  When they have a Girls’ Night Out, she certainly brings enough of “the Craaaaazy” with her and surfs on a building and thus proves that a Girls’ Night Out tops a Boys’ Night Out any day of the week, despite what the Boys may say.  Raven has more common sense and keeps the team grounded.  She tries to reign in the nonsense and the egos when they get out of hand.  She’s just pretty cool.

Building surfing

I was a little wary at first to let the Daughter watch because of the “violence” that sometimes happens but you know what, the more I watch, the more I’m ok with it.  Raven is confident in who she is.  She has friends that she ultimately cares about and who care about her too.  She loves Pretty Prancing Ponies (the MLP of the Teen Titans’ world).  She can move through dimensions. She can cast spells.  She can fly.  She’s pretty awesome.

Raven and Pretty Prancing Ponies

I think that even though most people will have no idea what the Daughter is trick-or-treating as, she will be happy and that’s the real magic of Halloween.  Having the costume you’ve always dreamed of, pretending to be something you love, and of course getting candy for it!

Tonight, the leotard and the red belt are done.  Tomorrow night, I am going to try to attempt the cloak.  Hopefully, it will be an easy project.  I am still a little torn on how to do the boot and wrist covers, but I’m sure I will figure it out.  Either way, it’s going to be a pretty kick-ass costume and I kind of wish I could dress up as Raven too.

This post is part of the October NaBloPoMo.  Check out the other awesome bloggers who are having fun writing their little hearts out this month. 




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Halloween and the Eve of Insanity

It was another successful year of trick-or-treating for the daughter.  This year, we did the whole neighborhood, for the first time, and she made out like a bandit.  She even had a few people recognize who she was dressed as, which of course sent her over the moon!  The Husband even got into the Halloween spirit in his Lucha Libre mask.

Now the challenge will be to ration out the candy so that we don’t all gain 10 lbs in a week!

Now, dear reader, you may be thinking that my title “…and the Eve of Insanity” refers to Halloween.   Sadly, you would be mistaken.  Tomorrow is November 1st.  For those who practice, it’s All Saint’s Day, a Holy Day of Obligation.  As a kid, I always thought it was the day we celebrated the saints we can’t remember, which it kind of is.  Then as I got older, I realized why it was placed the day after Halloween.  I have to admit, Samhain had a pretty cool story.  But I digress…

So, aside from the initial thought of “Where the [bleep] did this year go and how the hell is it November already?!”, I am about to make my November one month of intense writing.  I am doing it gladly and willingly, too.

November 1st marks the start of NaNoWriMo.  I mentioned it last week but here we are.  It’s time to start writing 1,667 words a day.  As I look over my outline, my inner editor is already rattling in her cage.  Little does she know, I have thrown away the key right now and am going to probably need to sound proof the room in my mind she is locked in.  Maybe even gag her.  She’s kind of a loudmouthed know-it-all.

So, I’ll try to keep you updated as to my word count and maybe even post an excerpt or two of what comes from this little month of writing insanity.  I keep saying insanity but, I love it.  I just hope that my inner editor, let’s name her Myrtle, will keep her loud mouth shut!

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