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Can You Bottle Some of That for Me?

Energy is something I pretend I don’t have.  Why do I pretend I don’t have it?  I am not totally sure but that is why I am recommitting (for the millionth time) to my lifestyle change.  I just need to find the energy.

As a kid, I remember having   a lot of energy.  I would stay outside all day and into the night, riding my bike everywhere, running around, playing.  I could wake up easily at 6 am without the help of an alarm. I never thought about where my energy came from, it was just there.  Just oozing from every bit of me was that childhood energy that I now watch the Daughter enjoy.

Now, I find that I am more productive between the hours of 9pm and midnight.  But my productivity during that time is not physical, it’s more mental work, writing, and planning the next day, and of course playing my games.  It doesn’t require the energy that I feel I am now missing in my life.

The solution is simple on paper, a little harder in practice.  I know that if I get moving more again, I will have the energy to get moving more.  I know that once I get moving, I will want to keep moving.  The energy from moving will keep my mind moving.  Will give me new avenues to explore.  It’s hard to not have the energy I want to have.  It’s hard to make the time for the steps that I need to regain my energy.  I simply have to choose my hard.

So on this first day of 2013, I’m making a promise to myself to have more energy.  More energy to play with the Daughter.  More energy to have fun adventures with the Family.  More energy to be me, the real me.  I’m nervous and excited all at once, but I am going to hold on to that memory of riding my bike and swimming and just living life to get me through the hard parts.

This year is going to be a grand adventure!



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Refocusing After a Not So Stellar Weigh In

Weigh in was a bust tonight.  I gained.  I knew I was going to gain. I gained 1.4 to be exact. It’s this thing I do to myself.  I come close to a milestone and I freak out.  Not like seriously freak out but it’s like something says “You’ve got a little wiggle room.”  I do not have a little wiggle room.  Tomorrow is a new day, a new WW week, a new shot at that magic number.

This coming week, I have a second post-op appointment and hopefully I’ll be able to get back swimming soon.  Yes, walking is fine but I get bored and the Daughter likes to come for walks and that makes for slow walking, even though I am secretly thrilled that she likes go for walks.  I got a ball-hopper and a case of tennis balls for my birthday so I really want to start using that now that the super humid days are over and it’s not torturous to be outside.

Cannot wait to get out and play more!

Today, I was thinking about getting back on track and what I need to do this week to do that.

1) I need to make sure I track everything.  I mean everything.  I need to write it down immediately after I eat it or before I eat it like I used to when I was doing really well.  That is one habit that really does help curb mindless eating.

2) I need to make sure that water is my main beverage of choice.  Definitely need to cut back on the calories I am drinking.  It’s silly.

3) I need to make sure that I am eating all five servings of my fruits and veggies.  No more excuses.  Just eat them.  They fill me up and prevent me from eating junk.

Nature’s Fast Food

4) Walk every day.  No more excuses for that. Even if it means pawning the Daughter off on someone.  Make time for this walk.  It’s just 30 minutes.  I can leave her with someone for 30 minutes.  I just need to do it.

They aren’t hard goals.  They are actually pretty simple goals.

Now for the rest of my week ahead, I have two more personal goals, not really weight loss related.  After all, there’s a little more to life isn’t there?

1) Write for at least 15 minutes a day.  I have been doing pretty well with my goal of every other day thanks to this blog where I spew out what’s in my head.  Now I need to get back to that story that’s collecting cobwebs.  Those characters have been resting in my brain for a while.  Time to wake them up.

Calvin may be right, but you can at least practice getting into the right mood by writing a little every day.

2) Work on the quilt project I started.  I need to dig out the sewing machine and just do it.  Practice makes perfect.  Just keep sewing until I get it right!

3) Breathe.  There’s been a lot going on lately.  I need to remember to breathe.

This week will come to an end and I am not sorry to see it go.  As Tom Petty sings, “It’s to move on/ Time to get going / What lies ahead I have no way of knowing…”  Odd – that is the second time this week I have quoted Tom Petty.  I guess I’ve been listening to him a lot this week.  Not a bad thing.  Just funny that I have used two of his songs this week.  At any rate, it is time to move on.  Time to move forward and not look back, just keep moving forward.


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This Pool Workout Kicked My…

You know how you sometimes read a pin on Pinterest and it has a title like “Hardcore Pool Workout” and you think really?  Is it really hardcore?

I tried this particular workout the other day.

Tone in the Pool

First, let me start off by saying that the water is where I feel most at home.  I love the freeing feeling of the water and the way it ignores all flaws of a woman who is not a bathing suit model in any sense of the word.  I have been a swimmer since I was three.  Took swimming lessons at the YMCA and have not stopped swimming since.  I love it.  So, if given the chance to do a workout in the pool, I will gladly accept this challenge.

That being said, this workout kicked my butt (insert a stronger word here if you like).  It says it’s like fun in the water.  Yeah, fun if you already have some kind of muscles and are not built like a sea mammal with layers of blubber that lives in the arctic.

The first of these exercises was the K-Tread.  Basically you tread water while doing Rockette kicks underwater in the deep end.  Not too hard.  Just keep your toes pointed.  Don’t want to be kicked off the line for not having pointy toes.


The next move was called “The Otter Roll.”  In this amazing move, you had to take a beach ball and roll around like one of those cute otters eating a sea urchin.  Doesn’t seem like it would be hard, but let me tell you, holding that ball, not so easy.

The “Ball Lever” was also seemingly easy until you try to do more than three in a row.

The “Pike Skull” was actually pretty easy.  I liked this one the best.  I could do this one all day and be happy.

Then to finish out this workout, you are supposed to end with the “Wave Maker.”  First, do not attempt the wave maker if there are children in the pool with you.  They may end up swallowing water.   Second, do not attempt the wave maker if your mother and her friend are sitting on the pool deck in the shallow end with their feet in the water, they may get soaked.  So, after you have adequately warned and/or cleared the pool of any potential drowning victims, you may begin this torturous exercise move.

All of these moves are to be done for 30 seconds and then repeated.  Eventually, the idea is to build up each one’s time and ultimately “tone” your body.  If you survive the first set of 30 second reps then you might end up with the ideal bathing suit body, or at least as close as us real people can imagine getting.

I don’t know that I will be as skeptical now of pins that are labeled “Ultimate,” “Hardcore,” or “Killer.”  They might not be lying.

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