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Fire Prevention Week and Fantastic Friday Library Time

This week is National Fire Prevention Week.  The one week a year that children around the country spend learning about fire prevention and fire safety.  Our local library took this week’s story hour as an opportunity to teach the preschoolers about fire and how to be safe.  The hour started out with a visit from members our local fire department, complete with an ambulance and one of the smaller engines.  The kids got to climb inside the ambulance and the fire truck and the firemen told them about all the equipment.  The Daughter jumped out of the ambulance and turned to her friend E- and shouted “Wasn’t that amazing, E-!”  She never fails to get a laugh.  Though I think the quote of the day was from the little boy inside the ambulance.  The fireman was explaining that if you are sick or hurt really badly, you may need to have a ride in the ambulance.  The little boy interjected, “Or if you’re dead you ride in the ambulance.”  I don’t think a single adult had a straight face.  Out of the mouth of babes…

The Daughter in the firetruck…loving every minute of it!

The Daughter was more than happy to see all the fire equipment.  She thought it was “amazing” and I think that’s good.  We recently had begun at home fire safety, reviewing our plan, where we would meet everyone after we got out of the house, and the most important – Stop, Drop, and Roll.

After we read two great stories about fire and firefighters, we left equipped with a coloring activity book for the Daughter, as well as a fire safety check-list for the home and a paper fire truck with all kinds of helpful hints.  All of this was supplied by FEMA US Fire Administration and I think will be helpful as I keep working with the Daughter on fire safety.

And what Friday trip to the library would be complete without our weekly picks for bedtime stories?

This week we grabbed:

Mermaid Dance by Marjorie Rose Hakala

A sweet story about mermaids who come to the shore to celebrate the solstice moon.  They have an amazing party and then dance in the waves and the moonlight of the summer solstice moon.

Dear Fish by Chris Gall

Peter Alan writes a letter to a fish inviting the fish to his house.  What happens next, no one could quite be prepared for!  A very adorable tale of what happens when you have unexpected house guests!

Hey, Diddle Diddle by Kin Eagle

This takes the original nursery rhyme and see what happens after the dish runs away with the spoon, what did the cat with fiddle play, and that cow – why did she jump?  A cute rhyme with music in the back.  I will attempt to teach it to the Daughter on the keyboard – attempt being the key word.

Go Away, Big Green Monster! by Ed Emberley

This sweet book builds up a monster and then sends it back away.  A fun pick for Halloween time to help the Daughter understand that these things are just make-believe!

Have you read any great bed time stories lately?


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Friday’s Library Picks

Today was the Pre-School Story hour at the Mashpee Public Library.  This is the story hour for the 3+ year old children.  It’s by far one of the best story hours we have been too.  The Daughter loves it because not only does she get to see some of her friends from pre-school, but also because she is able to hear new stories, sing a song or two, and then make a fun craft to bring home.

Today’s stories were fall themed and featured the animal so many of us associate with fall: Squirrels.

The first of three stories was

Look Both Ways: A Cautionary Tale

The story was a cute rhyme that told the tale of a little squirrel who, in his haste, did not stop to look both ways.  No, he did not meet an untimely and messy demise, but he did learn the importance of stopping before crossing the road.  This one was perfect because recently, the Daughter and I have been working on looking both ways and being safe in parking lots.  It was a cute little tale that hammered home the message of street safety.  Remember folks, when you see a ball roll into the street, there is most likely a child right behind it!

The second story was a great positive tale of how to turn a bad situation into a positive situation.  A tale that accentuated the notion that everything happens for a reason.

A Good Day

I think when the Daughter gets a little older, we will revisit this one when she can get a better understanding of the underlying message to this one.  It was cute, though.

The librarian’s third selection was a very nicely illustrated book.  I’m a sucker for well illustrated children’s books.  The art in children’s illustrations are amazing.  A comment on a recent blog post I wrote had me thinking about how fantastic some of the artwork in children’s books is.  But I digress…

The last tale of the story hour was:

The Busy Little Squirrel

The repetition of why this busy little squirrel could not stop to enjoy the day with all the other animals really got the children engaged.  They eagerly waited for the moment to answer and then when it got to the end, they were surprised to find out why the squirrel had been so busy.

After the Daughter created her own squirrel with a very bushy tail made out of grass that grows in the salt marsh, we went to find our own books to bring home.  After reading all of them tonight for bedtime, I have to say this week was a good selection of books.

1) Skippyjon Jones in Mummy Trouble – We have recently been on a huge Skippyjon Jones kick.  We recently took out the first book in this delightful series.  I love reading aloud to my daughter so when this little Siamese kitten decided that he was really a chihuahua, I found the voices for this story to be too much to resist.  Poquito Tito is my favorite to be honest.

2) Necks Out for Adventure – The illustrations in this one were the main reason why I picked this book off the shelf.  Following the story of Edwin Wigglskin and his thirst for adventure, this tale teaches the importance of not being afraid to be yourself and sticking your neck out there.  Though, I don’t know that my daughter will ever eat little neck clams again, let alone go clamming with the family again.

3) And Here’s to You! – A celebration of life and how wonderful the world truly is.  A story that definitely ends with a hug and a kiss.

4) Oh No, Gotta Go! – I picked this one because it was bilingual.  My sister-in-law is Mexican and all of her family still lives there and when we went last year for the wedding, I realized that maybe I should have taken Spanish instead of 8 years of French.  So, every chance I get to expose my daughter to Spanish (we’re going to start with this one), I do.  This book was great because it didn’t translate all the words, but rather left them as context clues in the story.  The daughter understood all but one word which was good in my opinion!

5) Is Anybody Up? – This was a sweet tale of how even when we feel alone, there are people all over the world who are doing the same thing and are just like us, even if they speak a different language or are in a different place.  A sweet story.

So, those are the five Library picks for this week.  Have you read any of the above books?  What did you think?


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