I am a Social Media geek, a Trivia nerd, an aspiring published writer, and a lot of things in between. Get to know more about me and how I work through this blog, or just determine how random I am – your choice.   I might even post excerpts some of my writing just to get some honest reactions. You never know what may pop up!

Top things to know about me:

I Love books. Yes books – with bindings and yellow pages. I like reading them too.

Music is amazing. Almost all forms of it are wonderful. The piano is my favorite instrument. No, I don’t play it but, I did play the flute for 14 years.

Trivia is awesome and I eat it for breakfast. I aspire to be a Jeopardy champion someday.

Manners are important.

Grammar is a dying art form.  I try to make sure it is always correct.

Other than that, I try to just roll with whatever comes my way. I love problem solving so rolling with it seems like the natural thing to do.

For more serious stuff about me…you can see my LinkedIn page if you like.  If not, here are the highlights:

Graduated Magna Cum Laude from UMass Dartmouth with my BA in Writing, Communications and Rhetoric.  (I like to argue – Rhetoric seemed a fitting choice for me.) I completed my senior seminar in Creative Writing and consider that my forte, if I may be so bold as to do so.  I did also put in 3 years at Providence College – a really great school studying all kinds of cool things.  Learning is awesome – never stop learning.

I have worked in the hospitality industry since I was 18 years old.  I started as a laundry girl in the housekeeping department and then went on to work as: a night housekeeper, a reservations agent, a front desk agent and then supervisor, a reservations manager, a front office manager, an inventory coordinator, a social media/community manager (for resorts of course), and now am an inventory/revenue manager for a resort management company.  I like this industry – never a dull moment.

I live on Cape Cod and have the Husband (who came with a rather mean-tempered old lady of a cat) and the Daughter.  We try to drive by the ocean on a regular basis to make sure it hasn’t gone anywhere.  You never know these days.

Check me out – I have an author page! Crazy, right?

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