It’s Cold in January

The weather lady with the Irish accent who lives in my WTForecast app just told me “It’s cold, cold, cold, and more fucking cold!” Three things about this forecast – first, it’s January; It’s supposed to be cold.  Second, this is the most accurate forecast I’ve heard.  Third, thank you for using the Oxford comma.  Her pre-programmed sarcastic forecasting skills have given me many a needed laugh as this arctic freeze engulfs the Cape. 7 degrees is cold and the week does not look that promising in terms of a warm up.

I suppose it’s good then that our normal schedule starts back up again. The holidays are sadly over and tomorrow it is back to reality. Back to work. Back to the real world. It must be better than just sitting at the house working on perfecting the crochet skills or going to the gym like it is my job. Maybe getting a schedule back in place after 11 days of no work and holiday haze will be good. The other good thing that will come of it is the fact that I’m prioritizing this year. I try to keep improving, as we all do. I try to avoid cliché as many of us do. Yet, here I am typing a blog post at the start of a new year. Why? Simple answer, I need to write more. I stopped finding time for it. I consider this my writing gym.  Fifteen minutes of writing a day and well, I guess I’m hoping to build that muscle again and get back to what ignites me. If I can, all those self-care, self-help gurus will have another person to say, “See, she took care of herself and now everyone around her is happy because she’s not being a crabby person to them.” Funny how that might work.

Fifteen minutes is nothing. The next fifteen minutes will be devoted to reading. Another thing that I love that I have not made time to do in a very long time. Time to find the time to do what I like when I want to and still do what I need to do. Fifteen minutes is a lot of time to write and it is enough time for me to open that brain up to get the fingers moving on the keyboard just enough to think about more things to write.  Yes, part of this may be fueled by a tired brain but sometimes, that’s where the gold is.  For that reason, this post may be a nonsensical.  A filler post, if you will. But remember, we don’t all run a marathon on the treadmill our first day at the gym.


The first book on the list that I plan on spending fifteen minutes on is one I started but never finished.  It also, coincidentally, is now a movie that I did not see because I had not yet read the book and did not want the ending spoiled.  Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express should be a fun one. I’m very much looking forward to it.  I will have to update the Goodreads challenge now that I think about it.

Oh look – my fifteen minutes are up.


Day 1:

Smart Points Balance: 4 (rolling over!)

Gym: Not a snowball’s chance in hell I’m going out in 7 degree weather to torture myself after a month of Christmas cheer.

Podcast currently cued for my morning drive: Watch What Crappens (I’m catching up still)

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