Adieu 2013!

I wish I could say with absolute certainty that 2013 was the best year ever.  I can’t though, because my mother taught me not to tell lies.  It had its high points and it certainly had its low points.  As I look back, it’s easy to say that I would do some things differently.  I think it’s safe to say that many of us may feel that way at times. That’s why looking back on a thing or event can be easier than looking forward.  It’s certainly much less daunting than looking to the future.  To be honest, the future always has terrified me.  The unknown.  The lack of control of that unknown.  It can be a scary thing.

Looking Out to the Unknown

Looking Out to the Unknown

As the clock gets closer to that midnight hour – that new year – I can’t help but feel a bit of anxiety.  It’s silly really but I dream big and I really get anxious about how I’m going to do everything I want to do.  The main reason for the anxiety is because I think of all the tiny details and let them warp my mind.  I lose sight of how to achieve every one of those goals I so nobly set for myself.

The answer is just as simple.  One step at a time.

So, as I prepare for the dawn of 2014, I realize that my list of goals and things I want to achieve over the next 365 days is truly a list of items that can be done.  I just have to do it one step at a time, just how Melinda Mae ate that whale.

One bite at a time...

One bite at a time…



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