Anniversary Traditions

October 3, 2009 started out like a scene from Monsoon Wedding.  It poured.  We’re talking record downpours.  Something like an inch of rain in 1 hour kind of downpour. Apparently Mother Nature missed the memo that it was my wedding day and we were supposed to have an outdoor wedding.  Bitch.

The wedding was moved indoors without a problem but still.  It meant that the very nice gardens I had envisioned my wedding pictures in were out of the question.  The Irish say that rain on your wedding day is good luck.  We had a morning wedding with a lovely brunch (I love brunch and it was fun to have a morning wedding).  It was good. I figured it was good luck that the seafood crepes were so good…we still talk about how great those seafood crepes were…at least I do.  They were amazing and almost made up for the indoor switch.

The king of breakfast foods.

The king of breakfast foods.

However, after the party ended somewhat early in the afternoon, the Husband and I had a night off without the Daughter who was nine months old at the time. As we sat in the ridiculously large Presidential Suite (a gift from my Father-in-law and Step-Mother-in-Law), we realized that we didn’t expect we would be hungry by dinner time.  We quickly decided that we should hit up one of our favorite spots, the British Beer Company.

The Husband devoured a Buffalo Chicken pizza and I enjoyed a wonderful Wensleydale Cheeseburger.  Sadly, the burger is no longer on the menu. It was a sad day when that happened.  But, I digress.  We had a nice dinner, a beer, and then returned to the Presidential suite that was complete with its own sauna.

The next year, when the anniversary rolled around, we ended up looking at each other and saying, let’s just hit up the BBC again.  We had the same thing plus Pumpkin beers.  It was good.

Last year, we did not have the BBC but we did end up with burgers and milkshakes in Las Vegas (because the week before our trip, we needed to replace the ENTIRE exhaust system in one of the cars and it wiped out all our vacation savings…le sigh).

This year though, since we had no babysitter for the actual night of our anniversary and the Husband still had to work tomorrow, the three of just went to the BBC.  Once again, the Husband ordered his Buffalo Chicken pizza.  I ordered a delicious pumpkin beer.  The Daughter decided that orecchiette is better than penne.  It was a pretty low-key but sometimes that’s good.

Can I buy this in the stores?

Can I buy this in the stores?

Every year since the downpour of a wedding, we have been lucky with gorgeous October days to celebrate the day we stood up and said, yep, I’ll stick it out with this one.  Today was in the 70s and it was sunny and beautiful.  It’s funny how the weather on our wedding day makes me think that it was like a sign.  There will be storms, but the sun will come out, just like it did on our wedding day.  There will be days when it pours, but the next day will be beautiful.  Then there will be a string of sunny days, where everything feels perfect.

Today was one of those days.





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3 responses to “Anniversary Traditions

  1. And now I need to go raid the fridge! However, that sounds like a lovely way to remember your anniversary every year. I’m a total foodie, so this appeals to me in every way!

  2. This was lovely. Happy anniversary 🙂

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