Too Old for MTV

I remember thinking I would never be too old for good music.  I would never lose touch with the new stuff.  It would be my way of rebelling against Father Time.

Yeah…about that.

Tonight was the MTV Video Music Awards, or the MTV VMAs as they are called.  Once upon a time, I would sit down and watch it live, hoping that, even though I knew Tori wouldn’t win, the fact that “Silent All These Years” was even nominated made me hold out hope that maybe, this year would be the year.  The original Kanye interrupting move was done by Nathaniel Hornblower, interrupting R.E.M’s acceptance speech for Everybody Hurts.  Jared Leto was there because of his role in “My So Called Life,” not because he was in a band (though, the years have been very kind to Jordan).

Remember that awkwardness????

Remember that awkwardness????

Oh yeah and MTV showed videos 90% of the time back then.

Aside from all that…I tuned in to just check it out and talk about feeling slightly out of touch. I mean, I do know some of the artists because you’d have to live under a rock to not know Taylor Swift.  But some of these others just made me realize I’m old.  Le sigh.

The categories too have changed.  Best Video with a Social Message.  Didn’t realize that was now its own category.  Remember the days when the songs alone, without any videos, were the social message?  I mean yes, Macklemore’s song did have a social message – a very important and needed social message, but remember Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young’s “Ohio” – there was no video…yet there was quite the social message.

And now that I’ve ranted a little about this age gap, I’m cementing the fact that I’m turning into an old lady.

I wasn’t planning on watching the show. My Facebook feed though, had exploded with people who had rejoiced at the NSync reunion, hence the reason for me checking it out.  Curiosity, my name is Cat and you have killed me.  Also, I should confess I’m not too above admitting that I have come to adore JT over the years – boy can dance…and sing…and act…and entertain.  Let’s face it, the NSync reunion is much better than the NKOTB reunion (even though I feel like I’m denying my true first boy band love by saying that) just because they can ALL still sing and dance (unlike the even older NKOTB).

What will the VMAs look like when the Daughter is a teenager?  Will there still be music videos?  I hope so.  When the right song finds the right visionary, whether it be the recording artist or a director who just was moved by the song, magic can happen.  Art really can change a person and even though you may not like the song personally, you can appreciate the small video and the story created and told to the song.   I mean let’s face it, “Thriller” is a good song, but it’s epic when set to that amazing zombie dance scene.

I’ll be waiting MTV VMAs 2023 – let’s see if you can deliver.


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