Syndicated Television Rules

It is late and I am happy that 30 Rock is syndicated. I forget why I never watched it the first time around but, better late than never!

As I laugh at the jokes, I realize that syndicated shows are wonderful. Friday night in the summer is the night that NOTHING is on tv. They assume that we are all out partying on a Friday night. Sadly, my party is on my couch, watching tv. In the summer, my party is sad. Of the three hundred channels, there was nothing on tonight, not even on the movie channels!

That is when I try to find a syndicated show. They are just perfect. As a bonus, it gives me the chance to see shows that I might have missed.

Criminal Minds at 9 am while eating breakfast? No time is too early to see Derek Morgan in action! Everybody Loves Raymond while cooking dinner? Why not? 30 Rock while I figure out the daily blog post? Most definitely!

Syndication is not where tv shows go to die, but really gives them a second life. And for a mom who has the most boring quiet Friday night with no new shows on, syndication is awesome!


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  1. For years I was never home during prime time hours – so I too was a Syndication Queen. I never saw an episode of one of my favorites “Frasier” during prime time. But when I discovered the good doctor and his zany brother Niles on night at 11pm I was hooked.

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