One Dinner, One Ruler

The other night, Brother #3 asked us all a question.  If you could eat dinner with one king, queen, emperor, or ruler, dead or alive, who would it be?

First, I love questions like this.  Second, I hate questions like this.

There are so many cool people throughout history that choosing just one is virtually impossible. But thinking about all the possibilities does open up the floor for some interesting conversation.

First, I thought of William the Conqueror.  The Battle of Hastings, 1066 – I still think of 12th grade, Mrs. Towle when I say his name and the battle he fought. He was influential in the development of the English language.  By bringing the French language to the Anglo-Saxon language of England, he infused new words and blended the two languages into what was to become modern day English.  I don’t know why I think he would be cool to have dinner with other than to maybe let him hear what his courage helped bring about.

william the conqueror

Then I thought of my namesake.  Well she’s not really my namesake, but Catherine the Great was an interesting figure in history.  She was the longest ruling female leader of Russia who came to power after her husband was assassinated.  She brought about the Golden Age of Russia and I think it would be interesting to chat with a woman who was so powerful.

Moving on to Louis XIV.  Le Roi Soleil. The Sun King.  Something about his decadent life is intriguing.  I would just want to party one night in Versailles with him and Marie Antoinette.  It would be one hell of a party.  I wonder what kind of cake would be served.


Who would you want to have dinner with?  Which ruler?  Why that ruler?  Could be a president, a king, a queen, someone in power…who?


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