Royal States of America?

Before you read on, dear reader, I have to say that this post takes on a bit of a political hot topic.  I didn’t really intend for that when I started writing but I just had to go with it because, apparently, it has been eating away at my soul for days.  It is not my intention to offend anyone.  It is just some thoughts and honest questions because I do want to have a conversation.  I hope that more conversations can be had on all levels so that some kind of solution to these issues can be achieved.  Again, I’m sorry if I offended you, it was not my intention. I respect your difference of opinion as long as you are polite about it.

So, we saw the newest member of the royal family leave the hospital yesterday.  I watched it via live feed at work.  They looked happy.  Not scared, not tired, not nervous.  Well maybe a little tired, based on the bags under her eyes.

While I love babies and think that nothing is a happier event than a new baby, I have to wonder why we as Americans are so enraptured by this royal bundle of joy.

So much is going on in our own country: fallout from the Zimmerman trial, Anthony Weiner’s wiener AGAIN, gun control, student loan interest rates, Congress still not doing anything, voters in North Carolina are on the verge of being disenfranchised, and then there’s the even more local stories like the fact that almost every other day for the past few weeks, Cape Cod has reported the death of someone either by drowning or by car accident.  Yet, we dropped everything to see this royal child.

Why?  Why can’t we care more about what is going on in our own backyard?  Why can’t we be outraged that sells a target that oozes blood when shot?  Why can’t we question the fact that the jurors in the Zimmerman trial had unsupervised visits with friends and family members that could have potentially swayed their opinion on the case and verdict?  Why can’t we realize that the fight against women is raging on and scarily trying to be passed in so many states that I fear for my daughter and her future.

I was never one to support abortion.  It’s a personal decision based on how I was raised and my faith.  However, I do not think that I have the right to tell other women what to do with their bodies.  Now that I have my own daughter, I have to think in a different way.  It’s not just my body I have to think about.  By that I mean, I have to make sure that procedures remain safe and available in the case that my own daughter feels there is no other option.

I know that a lot of it depends on my own parenting and the values I impress upon my daughter.  But who is to say that someday, she may find herself in a situation where she feels that she has no other choice.  What if she disagrees with the values that I hold dear?  I don’t want her to be forced to make a decision that is unsafe for either her or that child.  Again, I hope that this is all hypothetical and that I can impress upon her the values and morals that I was raised on but you never can be 100% sure that they will stick.  I know abortion is never an option for me personally but does that mean that it should be outlawed?  No! If you had asked me years ago what my thoughts on this were, people may have thought I would say yes.  But no, I never thought it should be outlawed.  What is happening in Texas is just as scary.   The scariest thing is the hypocrisy.  The fact that people want less government control but they want to say what people can and cannot do with their own bodies is laughable.  Isn’t that control in the most intimate form?  Also, if you tout a pro-life line, shouldn’t you be 100% pro-life and not advocate for the death penalty?  I’m just trying to understand, you see, because it doesn’t make sense to me.

So while His Royal Highness the Prince of Cambridge is enjoying the privileges of a family history that entitles him to the riches of England, I worry about the hundreds of thousands in America who are facing issues that should be the top news stories of the day.  The issues that should be causing conversations in America and calls to Congress and to our state houses – I hope that HRH’s generation, the ones born in America, can sort some of this out when they grow up.


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