Perfect Summer Day

Today was a perfect summer day.

The Daughter woke up and wanted to go to the lake. We spent three hours down there, playing and splashing. Her swimming skills are improving and that just makes me so very happy! I did 7 laps from the dock to buoys that mark the swim zone for the beach, easily 50 meters each way. It felt so good!

Came home, had lunch, and then we all took a little siesta. The heat and the sun made us all a little lethargic. The naps helped though. The Husband looks like a lobster but I am sure he will be tan by the morning, the lucky stiff.

The Barnstable County Fair started tonight. We went around dinner time and had fun checking out all the animals and exhibits. Then, we played a few games and let the Daughter ride a few of the more mild rides.




Fair food did not disappoint and we even got to catch a bit of The Spinners perform.

All in all, I consider this the perfect summer day!



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3 responses to “Perfect Summer Day

  1. That does sound like a perfect summer day! I’m glad you daughter is learning to swim more and more its a wonderful skill to have. I am shocked by how many people can’t swim.

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