I seriously regret complaining when we lost power for three days after the Blizzard of 2013.  If I could guarantee that the water pipes wouldn’t freeze, I would gladly take sitting at home with the inside being 40 degrees.  I can always put more clothes and blankets on to warm myself.  I cannot take off more clothes to cool down though.

Since I do not have central air and the current temperature 75 degrees with 94% humidity at 11:30 pm, I will leave you with this woman who pretty much sums it up…please excuse her language but today, and probably tomorrow, this is exactly what I was thinking…

Tell Mr. 101 to take his heat and....

Tell Mr. 101 to take his heat and….


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  1. I completely feel for you!! No central air.. ugh. I don’t know how people honestly make it without! Hang in there, the cool-down is coming.

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