Pinning is Important

I started a dress for the daughter a few weeks ago.  A simple sewing project.  One that I did a little here and a little there.  I probably could have had it done in a few hours had I really committed myself to it but, I like taking my time on things like that.  Tonight, I decided to finish the dress.

I had everything pretty much set up so that it was only a matter of connecting the bodice and the skirt.  Simple enough…

I pinned everything together and, satisfied with my pinning, I sat down to sew.  I sewed it once and then the second time, as directed by the instructions.  Then I prepared to press the seam.  That is when I discovered my horrible mistake.

Have you ever tried to remove stitches from knit jersey?  It’s not fun.  Not just one row of stitches, but two rows, needed to be removed.  Not fun.

Lesson of the day:  Check your pinning before you sew.  I don’t care how sure you are that it’s pinned correctly.  Check it.

Guess I’ll be finishing it tomorrow, much to the Daughter’s dismay.  What’s done though does look pretty cute.  Thankfully it’s a simple enough pattern that I will definitely make another (I do have a bunch of great fabric waiting to be made into something) so next time, I will remember this simple step.


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