Minions, Tortilla Hats, and Laughs

The Husband had to get his oil changed today so we figured since he takes it to Sears Auto Center (since it’s open on Saturdays and cheaper than Jiffy Lube), we knew we were going to have two hours or so to kill.  Even though the Daughter and I went to the movies yesterday, we went again today to see Despicable Me 2.

I was excited.  Minions remind me of penguins.  Penguins that talk.  Yellow penguins in overalls with a sense of humor.  Ok…so nothing like penguins but if penguins had souls, they would be embodied in the Minions.  I love the Minions. I don’t know why, but like the rest of the country, I am enamored with those little yellow oblong creatures that speak nonsense and laugh at fart jokes.


I didn’t know what to expect with Despicable Me 2.  Usually sequels to great movies are a let down, and kids movies especially fit into that category (Return of Jafar???), so I went in with low expectations.  Basically, I expected the Minions to have all the high points of the movie.

But luckily, I was surprised.  First, as a Real Housewives connoisseur, I had a chuckle when the housewife at Agnes’ birthday party looked eerily like Taylor from RHOBH.  Maybe it was just the mouth but there was one shot where I just laughed to myself and wondered if Taylor knew someone who worked there and had them put her in…

The one on the right is the one that reminded me of RHOBH

The one on the right is the one that reminded me of RHOBH – though the one on the left did too…in a trashy kind of way…

There were so many other great laughs: The french maid minion, El Macho riding a shark and tons of dynamite into a volcano, Agnes reciting her poem, Gru’s reaction to Beatrice discovering young love.  I really enjoyed it on so many levels.

I probably would have enjoyed it even more if I hadn’t dropped the medium (2 liter) drink that cost an arm and a leg all over the Daughter, the Husband, and myself.  The movie had even started and not a single sip had been had of the drink.  Despite being soaked, the Daughter did not want to leave and cried because she thought we were going to leave.  So we stayed because we are cheap and didn’t want to have spent all that money for just two previews.

The jokes were pretty good and if you listen closely, there were quite a few one liners thrown in there for parents.  The Daughter laughed a lot and did get scared at one point but it was kind of intense for a small kid.  When the minions did their thing though, she forgot why she was even scared at all.


Kristen Wiig is my new favorite comedic actress, just for the record.  I love her as Lola on the New Looney Toons Show.  I loved Bridesmaids.  I loved her on SNL.  I loved her as Lucy, Gru’s new partner.  I wish she had a little more to do in the movie…she was pretty awesome.

So go, see Despicable Me 2 and laugh and be envious of the tortilla hat, brim full of tasty guacamole.


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