Beach Bum for Life

I suppose all these years living near the beach has addled my brain.  For some reason, no visit with friends (or even out-of-town family members) is complete without a trip to the beach.

The Daughter at the beach last year.

The Daughter at a Falmouth beach last year.

When meeting up with friends or looking for somewhere to hang out, I almost always suggest some kind of little beach trip.  Once, it was  a picnic lunch with a friend and her daughter.  The munchkins ran around while we ate lunch, chatted, and just enjoyed the day!

When the Sister-in-law and the boyfriend came down, we ended up with ice cream at the beach.  Can never go wrong with that!

I think I like the beach because there is no closing time.  There is no last call.  There is no shouting over bad cover bands.  There is no urgent need to get up and go because you are taking up someone’s table and they need to earn their tips.  There is just the open water, the sand, and the ability to really focus on talking and spending time with the people you are with.

The neighborhood lake beach

The neighborhood lake beach

Don’t get me wrong.  I like going out to the pub too but for some reason, the beach is always there.  Even in high school, we would end up throwing pennies into the harbor and just talking.  It’s quiet at the water, despite the gull cries, the lapping waves.  It’s just background noise.  You can really focus on what the other person is saying.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned.  I like having that kind of connection where I can hear and not be distracted when there is some quality conversation to be had. Plus, it never hurts to have something beautiful surrounding you while catching up.  The salty air, the soft sand, the soothing rhythm of the waves…yep…I’m a beach bum and I like to try to turn my friends into beach bums too!

Today’s post is part of the July NaBloPoMo.  This month we are talking about connecting.  Should be fun!  Today’s prompt was: “Where is your favourite place to connect with friends?”  What’s your favorite spot to catch up with friends?



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7 responses to “Beach Bum for Life

  1. I live in Huntington Beach, and you are absolutely right…there is nothing quite like it. The ocean breeze with a hint of salt, the sound of the waves, it’s relaxing, it’s comfortable,it’s peaceful, it’s home.

    Just passing through from NaBloPoMo…cheers!

  2. I’ve have yearned … longed to live near water for I am a beach bum too ~ shortly that longing will be satisfied as I just now beginning my journey of house hunting near the sea … I get it, I happiest near water, it’s good for my soul 🙂

  3. I wish we lived near a beach… especially this week. over 100 degrees all week long!

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