Old Friends

It’s funny.  In this day and age of being plugged in, social networking, and the constant sharing of your life on the computer, I feel that I only have a handful of close friends.  When I say close friends, I mean the people who have seen me ugly cry and didn’t run away screaming at the horror of my ugly cry face.  (Totally off topic but, when you Google images of “Ugly Cry Face,” a surprising number of Kim Kardashian photos pop up…it almost looks like she’s yawning not crying…)


Even Dawson’s ugly cry isn’t really that ugly…

So, those friends that are in that elite (or not so elite) group of people have their own successful lives and when we are able to reconnect it’s a wonderful thing.

One of my oldest friends is a person I met in my high school sophomore English class.  He sat diagonally in front of me, in the front row of Mr. Ozug’s English class.  He was loud and somewhat socially awkward.  He was dangerously smart and always had dreams of taking over the world.  As the school year went on, I realized that he was in a lot of my classes that year (and the years to follow) and had it not been for a friend of mine (my best friend at the time) that he had a schoolboy crush on, he and I probably would have never become friends.

We graduated high school and went off to college.  We would occasionally chat via AOL AIM (a pretty new-fangled way to keep in touch with friends – yes I’m that old…) and during winter and spring breaks, we would try to meet up for a drink.

We each had some times where we fell off the planet – went incommunicado and resurfaced for air months, even years later.  It didn’t matter.  We could pick up right where we left off.  Trade war stories about what we did when we were radio silent.  I have to admit his were often more exciting than mine but that’s ok.  He still listened to my stories with interest and offered opinions.

Most recently, his parents moved cross-country and he is in the process of determining what to do with his childhood home.  When he was home for that short time, we met up and had some great times catching up.  It was as if we hadn’t missed any time.  He’s like a brother, and yes, this disproves that men and women cannot be “just” friends, because that is what we are.  There’s no judgement.  There are honest, sometimes blunt, opinions but I think that we value that about each other.  I know when I ask him his opinion, I’m going to hear what I need to hear, not what I want to hear.  It’s refreshing in a way.

being blunt

Back then, we would talk about what it was like to be a teenager navigating life.  Then we got older and talked about what it was like to be struggling in college with life decisions about what we wanted to be when we grew up, which I’m still not sure either of have really decided..  We grew older still and now talk about more grown up topics like marriage, children, life, and his eventual world domination.


I am happy that I have a friend like this.  I am happy that he has found the perfect partner in his wife and that he is truly happy in that respect.  He deserves it.  I am happy that when he’s in town (and someday when I FINALLY get my act together and head out his way) that we can talk and have it be like no time has lapsed since our last in person chat.  We may not talk every day or even every month but it’s ok.  When we do reconnect, it’s no big deal.  We don’t have to make apologies or explanations.  We just start talking and it’s good.

Today’s post is part of the July NaBloPoMo.  Yes, I’m trying to do it again since June fizzled out…Today’s prompt was: “Write about the last time you connected with a friend.”  When was the last time you connected with a friend?



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6 responses to “Old Friends

  1. Lovely post! I have friends like this too – where we’re incommunicado for years at at time but then, when we meet, it’s wonderful. This weekend was all about connecting with friends from my school days. Fantastic.

  2. My friendship with my SIL is much like this ~ she is one of the few who has seen my ugly cry (funny BTW) and if I don’t talk to her for months on end, we catch up in a heart beat! With others around me somehow it is just not that same way ~ I think I’ll call her today 🙂

  3. Those are often the best types of friendships. Time and place don’t matter. It feels like you have never been apart etc. Glad you have that kind of friend, I wish everyone did, the world would be better for it.

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