Being a woman today is so much better than being a woman was.  There is still a way to go though but I am not going to spend my time today talking about how women still need equal pay or how women still have to fight stereotypes at places like car dealerships.  It’s frustrating to me though.  Maybe it’s because of my upbringing.

I grew up in a very Irish Catholic family.  In our family, while the men were very intelligent and worked very hard to provide for the family, the women had a very silent strength.  At least, that’s how it always appeared to me.  From my Nana, to my Mother, to my Mother’s aunts, there were so many women who were strong in their own way.  It was almost like the stereotypical Irish matriarch.  The woman who is really quietly in charge, making sure that the family functioned and did what it needed to do.

strong women

When I think about the type of woman I strive every day to be, it is a woman who possesses that silent strength.  I want to make every day productive.  I want to face any adversity with quiet strength.  I may not always be successful but I want to at least try.  I want to raise my child and any other children that the future may hold for me with kindness, compassion, and a sense that they have a duty to help those in need in whatever way they can.  I want to take steps that, while  scary, can be groundbreaking.  I want to achieve some kind of good in this world.

For me, that’s going back to my roots.  That is going back to where I come from.  That is going back to the women who raised me.

Today’s post is part of the June 2013 NaBloPoMo.  The theme this month is “Roots.”  Today’s prompt was: What does getting back to your roots look like to you?



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2 responses to “Strong

  1. Lovely post. I believe that strong women run more than the house, they run the hearts of everyone residing there also 😉

  2. Oh, I adore the sentiment in this post. I totally want to be this kind of woman.

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