A Week of Recovery

It has been seven whole days since I posted last.  A lot has happened over the past week or so.  A lot that has been rattling around in my head.  That means it’s time to purge and guess what dear reader, you are the lucky ones who will be able to maybe see some sense in my chaos…

1)  Losing an ovary and a fallopian tube is strange.  I feel the space.  Maybe it’s phantom pains but I know it’s not there and I know that it feels different than my left side.  I have photos but will spare you all the images that show the dermoid and the paratubal cysts that had been growing.  It’s weird.  I suppose it’s good that I don’t need both.  Just weird…

I could always get this to replace that emptiness I feel...hahaha!

I could always get this to replace that emptiness I feel…hahaha!

2) Reading is wonderful.  I have had a lot of time during this week of recovery.  I have done A LOT of reading.  Reading for work about SEO practices, Social Media Marketing techniques, books for my own pleasure, magazines, flipboard articles…lots and lots of reading.  I had a preview of what my life will be like when I am old and cannot work.  I will read and never be bored.

3)  NaBloPoMo for May was another bust.  I had hoped it would keep me focused but the hormonal imbalance mentioned before made writing kind of a mess.  I was crying at the drop of a hat, kind of like just after I had given birth…weird…but not good for writing blog posts.  They would have been all over the map, kind of like this one, but more sappy and more whiney.

4) Memorial Day is here.  It’s the offical start of summer.  God grant me the patience to not kill the tourists who cannot drive the rotary.

be a traveler not a tourist

On a more serious note, Thank you to those who have fought and sacrificed to give me the chance to be a traveler and enjoy our country and all the freedoms that come with living here.

5) Weight loss better get easier now that I am done feeling like crap.  Once I am cleared for exercise, it’s on like Donkey Kong.  And yes, I just went there.

So, there we have it.  I am going to attempt to write out the rest of May’s NaBloPoMo and continue to write.  I am signing up for June because now it really is a personal challenge to finish one entire month.  I am determined.  I do not foresee any health issues (knock on wood) that will prevent me from being able to stay lucid enough to get in every day!

Summer – Bring. It. On.

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