I Want my Mommy

Yesterday was an interesting day.  I spent the day doing my normal Thursday routine and then picked the Daughter up from school.  After that, the Husband and I had an appointment to go to.  That meant the Daughter got to spend some quality time with Nana, something she normally really enjoys.

Last night, it started with Whiney McWhinerton taking over my sweet adorable Daughter, a common thing on the nights where she stays up a little late.  We left with the Daughter whining about not wanting to go out for pizza.  Thinking nothing of it, knowing it would subside once they left the driveway, the Husband and I left for our appointment and came home.

When I asked the Daughter if she needed a Waaambulance, she actually laughed and thought it was funny...

When I asked the Daughter if she needed a Waaambulance, she actually laughed and thought it was funny…

When the Daughter came home, she was off the walls.  Hyper, excited, crying, tired, worked up, you know, the typical 4-year-old up a little past her bedtime behavior.

As we went through our bedtime routine, a few things happened that earned a few reminders to not launch herself from Mommy’s pillow toward the foot of the bed and potentially on the floor.  That in turn led to tears of the inconsolable variety. Which led to us cuddled up in her bed, reading a bed time story.

At the end of Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes, I asked her what was wrong, because she was still whimpering a little.  Her first answer was a very sad sounding, “Nothing.”  I asked again, why was she so worked up tonight?

“Because I missed you today.  I didn’t see you really.  I just needed you.”

Those words hit me right in the feels.

I realized in that instant that I was even more in love with this little girl than I was a second before that.  I realized that I am her Mommy.  I’m the one who makes her feel safe, the same way my Mom makes me feel safe when I’m having a tough time of things.  It’s not the same now that I am adult, but my Mom is there to talk to, to listen, to laugh when I talk like a crazy person about the upcoming surgery.


I think that for a lot of people, their Mom was that person who was a stable rock, even if they were struggling themselves with a million things!

I am grateful that I have my Mother with me still.  And this coming Mother’s Day is just one more day for me to remember how lucky I truly am to have the woman who raised me be an example of so many things.  After all, she just found out she passed her Statistics for Psychology class on her first shot (something not easily done from what I understand)!  I hope that those of you who have your Mom in your life pick up the phone and call (NOT TEXT!), drive over for a visit, or just plan on spending some time with the woman who raised you and provided you with all those years of security and comfort.

This post is written as part of the May NaBloPoMo.  The theme this month is Comfort.  Today’s prompt: Who do you like to see when you’re feeling uncomfortable who instantly makes you feel grounded?



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3 responses to “I Want my Mommy

  1. What a moment, when life comes full circle and you are struck by how blessed you are. Hug that precious child…I’m gonna go hug my mom. 🙂

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