Can I Sleep on a Cloud?

My bedding is no joke.  I need specific things to ensure a quality night sleep.

The sheets must be a certain thread count in addition to being cotton.  I need a nice cotton blanket.  I need my feather down comforter.  But, above all else, I need to have my perfectly filled feather down pillows.

I never realized how much I was spoiling myself.  When we went on our last vacation, I was able to overlook the lesser thread count sheets used by most hotels.  I was able to deal with the cheaper blanket that was more polyester than anything.  I was able to overlook the heavy and rather flat comforter that slid off the polyester blanket and inevitably ended up on the floor.

I was not, however, able to overlook the flat, foam-filled, rectangles they were trying to pass off as pillows.

That's how I feel when I sleep on strange pillows.

That’s how I feel when I sleep on strange pillows.

I tried using extra pillows.  I tried rolling the pillow up, because sadly, I was able to roll it.  I tried forgoing the pillow altogether. I tried sleeping on my back, my side, my stomach.  Nothing.  Nothing was comfortable.  The first night on vacation, I woke up with a headache, one that was caused by the sub-par pillows (at least that is what I convinced myself).  I eventually adjusted to these flattened pieces of fabric that they were passing off as pillows.

But that first night home, that first sleep, was heaven. It was like sleeping on a cloud.  My head sank to the appropriate depth.  No rolling required.  No tossing and turning to figure out the best position to attempt to sleep.

It totally is a first world problem.  Half way through writing this, I found myself thinking about people who don’t even have beds or flat pillows to sleep on – People in America who have to sleep in their cars or outside; People in other countries that worry their pillows might be blown up in an air raid or an insurgent attack; People who just cannot understand the joy of a feather down pillow.

feather pillows

I feel silly now blubbering on about a feather pillow, no matter how nice it may be.  Maybe it’s time to talk about how I can help someone else get a good night’s sleep, improve upon their current conditions, make them a little more comfortable.

Everyone should be able to know the comfort of sleeping on a fantastic pillow or have a cozy blanket (if that’s what they want).  Shelters in your area (yes, even if you don’t see them on the streets there are pretty good chances there are homeless people and people in need in your own area) are almost always looking for donations of blankets, pillows, and bed linens.  Why not go out and, if you can spare a little extra this week, get  a blanket and donate it.  Get a pillow and donate it.  Make someone else as comfortable as you are.

This post was written as part of the May NaBloPoMo.  The theme this month is comfort and the post for today was “Which would you rather have: a super-soft pillow or a warm, fuzzy blanket?”  



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5 responses to “Can I Sleep on a Cloud?

  1. Nicki

    Blanket Man? Is that you?

  2. Cathy, that is why I take my pillow with me. You should have seen the fiasco when Dave and I traveled from San Diego, Ca to Ohio. We went the southern route to visit my brother in Houston, Tx. We stopped to spend the night in El Paso one night and the next day were half way to San Antonio. I realized I did not have my feather pillow that I have had for YEARS!! Probably since before Dave and I were married. I swear I almost made him go back to get it despite being hours away. We did call the hotel, I was going to send them money to sent it to me, but nobody had found it. Yeah right! I’m sure that maid saw it and thought, “now this is a pillow for me!”

    • ClewisWrites

      That is the one reason I try not to bring my pillow. I’m afraid I will leave it behind. LOL I’d rather suffer for a few nights and know that my pillow is safe at home. HA!

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