The Merry Month of May

Today is the last day of April. Yes, it’s the last day of April and I pretty much have my May all planned out, not by choice though.

I have PCOS, Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Basically, my ovaries like to form cysts, cause me to keep whatever weight I gain and make it miserably difficult to lose despite best efforts, and a few other lovely side-effects that you can Google if you dare but as a woman, they aren’t fun.

Most recently, I discovered that my right ovary wanted to become a farmer and has grown a grapefruit-sized cyst. Apparently, I have very creative and crafty ovaries.

It has been a very emotional couple of days. I found out last Wednesday that this masterpiece that my ovary has carefully been crafting for the last six months (maybe less than that – but no more than that since that was when I had my last ultra-sound), must be removed.

Surgery. Joy of joys. How excited I am to undergo another surgery within nine months of my gall bladder surgery. Not to mention the unknowns of this situation, like that disease that we will not name because I do not want to go there mentally, despite waiting for the results of the second blood test to come back. And what about my other ovary? What will it do if it finds some free space after all is said and done? Will it decide it wants to be a farmer too? Will the Hospital develop a frequent flyer program for people who are in and out so often that they should really get points or something for every time they visit, like earn points for one free Tylenol or one free surgery? Oh, the questions that fill my silly head when things like this come up. Hey, it could always be worse, right?


And now we come to May 1st. I already know I have a doctor’s appointment, a pre-op fun day at the hospital, the actual surgery (which might be more fun than a day at Zooquarium but definitely not more fun than the beach), a post-op visit. Then, throw into this month Mother’s Day, Sister-in-Law R’s birthday, The Husband’s birthday, work, and anything else that I am currently forgetting, which I’m sure is something…

Yep - that's what it looks like in my head...

Yep – that’s what it looks like in my head…

Then, I made the crazy decision today that I want to do NaBloPoMo for May. I took a break in March and April. I just wasn’t feeling it. This month, since I have so many not so fun things going on, I feel like committing to NaBloPoMo will help me focus on something positive and constructive, especially if I am going to be home for a bit recovering from surgery. Ironically, the theme of May is “comfort.” Coincidence? Maybe.

I think committing to this will help me keep my mind off the new scars and the other things that may be coming along in the weeks to come. Writing will be my comfort. Along with some Real Housewives, a few books, and I’m sure some other questionable television choices. But hey, whatever gets me feeling better about all this nonsense is fine in my book!



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11 responses to “The Merry Month of May

  1. Carol

    Cathy, everything is going to be all right. I know how stressful preparing for surgery can be. Mine of course was quite different, I didn’t have the concerns you have but still I get you! We’re here for you though! If you need anything though I’m not physically there, I’m there for a pep talk!

    I have a question about this NaBloPoMo. I am really interested in this as I’m trying to be sure to blog every single day. I do so much better when I do it daily with my weight loss.

    • ClewisWrites

      Ask away! It is a fun thing to help keep writing. I have never been able to finish a full month so maybe this month will be the one!

  2. Carol

    I noticed you always follow a theme when you do those NaBloPoMo things. How do you know what to write about? Also, I added my name to the blogroll and I have the badge, do I need to do anything else, like sign up? Also I can’t figure out how to get that badge on my website. See, you shouldn’t have said ask away! lol. You can text me if you’d rather.

  3. Oh man. No stress here! I like your description of an ovary wanting to be a farmer. I don’t like that the ovary did it, but the description is great. I hope that the writing challenge does work to help you keep your mind on less stressful things. Hang in there!

  4. I found your blog because of your cabbage patch doll post, but then I noticed this blog post. I also have PCOS (diagnosed back in 1995) and I just wanted to ask: did you have any symptoms that led to the discovery of your clever little ovary becoming a farmer? I haven’t been well recently so I just wondered 🙂

    • ClewisWrites

      I had my gall bladder removed in August and when they took it out, they saw a simple cyst on the same ovary. I have found out though that feeling bloated, being constipated or not as regular as you normally are, and any kind of pain/cramping when it’s not that time of the month can be something you might want to ask you doctor about. For me, I had some killer pain in my right side, by my ovary and hip, and I mentioned it during my annual visit which they thought might just be the simple cyst so a follow up ultra sound was order. Just don’t be afraid to ask your doctors and really trust your body.

      • Sorry to hear about your gall bladder, you’ve really not been having the greatest time recently 😦 I will speak to my doctor, just to be on the safe side as I have had some of those symptoms. I hope it all goes ok in surgery x

      • ClewisWrites

        Oh thanks. It is what it is. Eventually they will get me all sorted out and then it’s on me to lose the weight and get healthy!

      • Aw, well good luck with it all! 2013 will be a busy year for you, but a good one too 🙂

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