Bronies? Pegasisters? Adults who Love MLP

When I was four years old, the same age as the Daughter right now, I fell in love with My Little Pony.  They were right up there with my Barbie dolls and my Cabbage Patch Kid (yes I am a proud child of the 80’s).  I had a stable that was a carrying case for my ponies and I had the coveted Dream Castle that I absolutely loved.  It had the basked that carried Spike, the ponies’ dragon friend from the ground to the second floor.  It was perfect.

mlp dream castlte

When I discovered that they had rebooted My Little Pony for my daughter’s age demographic, I checked it out and found that the same core values were there, friendship, loyalty, and problem solving.  I allowed her to watch it and slowly started to buy her the smaller and newly designed ponies.  She loves them.  They get lined up and pranced around in parades, play with Barbie, and help the Little People out.

Over the last few weeks, the Husband started to look for a t-shirt or a sweatshirt for the Daughter and discovered a whole new world.



At first I thought he was joking.  Why would grown men watch My Little Pony?  I mean yes, I watch cartoons from time to time, but they are geared toward adults (Family Guy, South Park, and even the new Looney Tunes show).  The kid shows I do watch, I watch with my four year old so we can talk about them and so I know what she’s talking about when she launches into elaborate play time scenarios where I am Lamby and she is Doc McStuffins or whatever other set of characters we are that day.

So why do these men (and women but for some reason, I don’t find that as odd) love this little girl show?  I mean, I’ve been watching it.  The plots aren’t complex.  It’s not satirical.  It’s just a kids show with brightly drawn ponies that honestly don’t even look like the ponies I played with as a child.

As I started trying to search for kids t-shirts, I found the web full of brony sites, message boards, fan art, clothes…you name it, there was a brony site for it.  The message boards were full of intense conversations over episodes, which pony was the best pony, terms that required me to heavily rely on so I can understand the jargon (yes, I felt insanely old as I looked up “derp”). It was intense.  I got sucked in for hours, curse you internet.  The fascination with the My Little Pony show is now popping up everywhere I look.

In the mall the other day, we saw two people walking wearing MLP t-shirts like these:

mlp tshirt 1mlp tshirt 2

Yes, this second one shows a guy with full sleeves wearing an MLP shirt.  I feel like TLC needs to create a reality show to study the lives of Bronies.  I’m fascinated, but I’m not sure if it’s a good fascination or more of a “do I need to be worried for my daughter” fascination.  I mean really, it’s a little odd that grown men find this show so amazing.  Or am I being sexist?  I don’t know.  The whole thing is just odd to me.  Sorry if I have offended any Bronies.  I just don’t get it.

Besides,  would anyone ever really wear this?

mlp pjs



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6 responses to “Bronies? Pegasisters? Adults who Love MLP

  1. It’s certainly interesting. I ran into a few of these guys in DC- my friends were getting married and we stayed at the same hotel that was hosting a comic-con… which of course attracts all sorts of unique people. Not my style but hey, to each their own. It’s harmless and doesn’t seem sexualized in an unhealhy way (no different than drama kids, math Olympiads, ferret rescue people, or whatever group one finds themselves drawn to). If guys are finding positive connections and ways to express themselves emotionally through a cartoon intended for little girls… well, at least they are connecting and expressing themselves emotionally, which is more than a lot of guys are comfortable doing!

    A psychologist friend of mine on FB recently discovered this phenomenon as well and posted this video today- thought you might be interested:

    • ClewisWrites

      Thanks for that link. I know that everyone has their passion. Believe me, I have been to comic cons and to Anime Boston so I know that there are some who have a lot of fun with it and really do connect on a deeper level. I guess I just found it a little odd that of all shows, My Little Pony was one of them.

      I hope I didn’t come across too judgmental (I probably did) but it kind of fascinates me how this show has captured the minds of so many adults. But you’re right, it’s really no different than the Whovians, people who raise show animals or anything else, like you said. As long as they are happy who am I to judge!

  2. I didn’t think you were being judgmental. And it is weird… as in different and unexpected, but yeah, to each their own! Were guys into Powderpuff Girls? Is that still a thing?

    • ClewisWrites

      Good question. I honestly don’t know, I would have to assume that yes, but maybe they weren’t as comfortable then as they are now to create a convention around it. Who knows!

  3. Amanda

    its powerpuff girls not powder puff for one and no u were jus confused but y not ask a brony? majority of us are castouts nerds outsiders super-shy/sensitive or even unsociable we all find sumthing to relate to the show and it is much more complex thn you think re watch all th first 3 seasons in consecutive order and you will see how complex it is. I know a few bronies who rely completely on this tv show in order not to commit suicide…. Its sumthing that gives hope and meaning to people. Its a piece of art and culture and no your daughter is not in any danger of any of these fans we are normal people just like you. and yes i do believe there was a male fanbase for the powerpuff girls but it wasnt as large as the brony events of late. Also biggest part of its popularity also comes from the creater Lauren Faust She created the powerpuff girls, code name kids next door, and fosters home for imaginary friends. al very popular shows with large fan bases. the demographic actually wasnt directed at little girls though you are mistaken on that point its demographic is directed towards all ages not just one group not to mention towards both male and females. If you look up the North Carolina Bronies on Facebook you will find one of the largest groups out there (not related or connected to the Why not the next time you see one go up say hi and ask them about why they specifically love it each person has their own reason and any true brony out there would be nice enough to share the wonders of our world with you maybe even introduce you to a local club to check out. Good Luck! 🙂

    • Thank you! I appreciate your comments. I am realize that a lot of people do turn to it as a lifeline and completely understand. I used books in the same way so believe me, I get it. Thank you for your perspective and I’m glad that there is truly something for EVERYONE out there to find some friendship, common values, and a place to be their true self in a place of utter acceptance. I hope I did not offend you in any way.

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