Opening Up to the Internet

I tend to keep my personal struggles to myself.  I don’t like to talk too much about my own issues, that is until I got the crazy idea to start blogging.  Blogging is probably one of the more risky things I have done in the past few years. I mean it doesn’t hold a candle to some of the antics I pulled in my 20s but when you think about it, it’s still a pretty risky thing for anyone to do.


Of course there are different types of blogs written by hundreds of thousands of people.  There are the “mommy” blogs that are full of parenting tips, recipes, fashion, and other things that interest stay-at-home-moms (hence the horrible moniker given to those blogs – do you think we’ll ever see a “daddy” blog?  My guess is, there are some out there but they are probably not what we think they are…but I digress).  There are photography blogs.  There are travel blogs.  There is pretty much a blog for everything.

When I first started blogging, it was hard for me to figure out the difference between a blog and a journal.  I had so much to say and a blank screen in front of me waiting for my words to come spilling out through my fingertips.  When I go back to those early posts, it’s sometimes painful to read.  I’m all over the place.  Wait, I still am all over the place.  Oh well.

I wanted my blog to be about things I liked.  I wanted it to be honest.  I wanted to talk about things I knew about.  I wanted to be me.  That meant that I probably should use some of my blogging time to talk about my weight loss journey.  That was scary.  I mean people look at me and know that I have a problem but to talk about it?  To people I have never met?  That was something that scared the living daylights out of me (note, I use a slightly stronger word there in my head because it scared more than the daylights out of me).  I felt though, that in order to really get back in control of it all and actually make real progress in my life, I had to write about it.  I had to put it all out there.

While I know that I do not have hundreds of readers (yet), I know that there are those of you who do read and have commented on my various posts.  It has meant a lot to me.  It has helped me grow and helped me learn more about myself.  While the risk was great and there were (and still are many) real fears feeding that risk, I have been able to take that risk and come out relatively unscathed.  If anything, I have been able to actually express more through this blog, read by people I have never met, who somehow make me want to keep writing more and more.

This post is part of the March NaBloPoMo.  This month’s theme is Risk.  Today’s prompt was “What is the riskiest thing you’ve ever done?  How did it turn out?”  I think it’s turned out ok?  What about you?  What’s your riskiest thing?



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6 responses to “Opening Up to the Internet

  1. I love reading your blog Cathy and get great insight at times, sometimes I just get a good laugh (when you mean it to be funny, I’m not laughing at you lol) sometimes I just smile. I may not always comment but I’m reading. Please keep it up!

  2. Great post! I started blogging to share my crafts and handmade cards.It was scarey at first to share what I make, but now I love it. I share some aspects of my life, as it keeps it “real”. I found such a wonderful community this past year and love reading various types of blogs and each one has something special to share. Glad you are taking part in NaBloPoMo.

  3. Popping in from NaBloPoMo and wanted to say hi!

    Still haven’t quite figured out blogging and journaling myself – the two tend to get muddled in the middle. I suppose that when someone connects with your words, that’s the goal, regardless of blog or journal title 🙂

    • ClewisWrites

      So very true! Connecting and creating those connections is very important and crucial to effective blogging!

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