Risking my Heart

I am not inherently a risk taker.  I tend to need all my little ducks in a row before I do anything.  I realize that sounds a little neurotic and I have been slowly getting better about not caring where the damn ducks are swimming before doing something but it’s still hard for me to take risks.

The last time I took a risk was when I went to meet my now Husband for the first time. We met online, like many people nowadays do, and spent a month or so talking on the phone and online before he met all the qualifications that he was not a serial killer.

Even though we had been talking for a month, I was still petrified to meet him in person.  He seemed nice enough but it was those first time meeting jitters.  I drove up to Braintree to meet him and we ended up having a very nice first dinner.

Six years later, I’d say that risk has paid off…

This post was written as part of the March NaBloPoMo.  The theme this month is Risk.  Today’s prompt wasName a time when a risk you took paid off.”  I kept it short and to the point only because I’m not feeling very inspired with this question.  So…there you have it.  Tomorrow I hope to have something a little more exciting…promise.


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