It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nah – It’s just me.

Comic books are awesome. I don’t read them really but the Husband is an avid fan and so are my brothers and a bunch of friends. It’s an escape, in a sense, to a world where seemingly normal people have the ability to do amazing things; where gods and monsters fight; where aliens can be the voice of reason; where mutants can fight discrimination on a more subtle subtext. And those are just the popular comics.

While I may not read the comics, I do tend to watch the television shows and see the movies that are created by these epic story lines. The writer in me cannot help but appreciate the story aspect of these tales. Even the comics that feature people with seemingly mundane powers make up for their lack of a flashy superpower by being a complex character.

One of the more popular ones at the moment - AMC's The Walking Dead

One of the more popular ones at the moment – AMC’s The Walking Dead

I know that if I actually were to start reading comics, I would no doubt be hooked. Sadly we can only have one family member spend every Wednesday at new comic day, it is all the budget allows.

I think if I had a superpower, it wouldn’t be anything too flashy.  I think people expect too much from you if you have a flashy superpower like flying or super-human strength.  I would want to be able to have super genius or maybe telepathy.  I always loved Jean Grey because it was cool that she used her mind beyond what us “normal” humans do and that her mind was her superpower.  I think that would have to be my superpower request if I was granted one.

In real life, my superpower would probably be one of those detrimental ones like self-doubt because I seem to sometimes be riddled with it.  Other than self-doubt, I guess it would be super memory.  I remember the most obscure things.  Kind of a lame superpower when you hold it up to super speeds of the Flash, the ability to manipulate the elements like Storm, and a magic ring that helps you control the forces of nature to your benefit…I’ll keep it thought.  A superpower sounds like a lot of work!



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5 responses to “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nah – It’s just me.

  1. Carol

    Oh I think my favorite super power would be the ability to tell if somebody is lying! I despise lying and it would be great to say “hey, that’s not true, you’re lying!” LOL, I”m odd that way! Great post BTW

  2. Oh, I love Jean Grey, too! Good choice!


  3. Jean Gray was my favorite X-man, followed by fire star (who vanished in the newer series.) Really thinking about it now. I want the super power of Money, as Batman and Iron Man proved it is one of the greatest superpowers.

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