The Happy Worker

Work is just that, work.  I once had a boss say something along the lines  that there’s a reason you get money to do it otherwise it wouldn’t be work because you would do it for free.  It makes sense really if you think about it.  Though, I do think that you should enjoy your work otherwise, why do it?  I know that sometimes there are factors beyond your control, especially today, that can sometimes force you to work a job you can tolerate over one that you absolutely love.  But even when you are working in the job of necessity, I feel like you should try to find something that you like and be a happy worker.

I love to write.  It’s why I ended up changing everything I had known before to get a job that would allow me to write.  I am lucky.  I was able to find a job that would let me do that.  It took a while but it was worth it.  Definitely better than asking if you want fries with.

What is a job you have had that made you feel completely satisfied with yourself?

This blog post is part of a month long series, NaBlaPoMo.  Check it out!  Today’s prompt “Do you enjoy your current job (or your last job)?”



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2 responses to “The Happy Worker

  1. Writing. although nobody considers an occupation as some thing that provides you no income. anyway, the way i get it is that is that humans keep becoming more and more able to follow those dreams that make them A Happy Worker. For instance humans a hundred years ago, three hundred years ago, a thousand years ago everyone was stuck farming and if you were lucky you got to carve something. As the future progresses the possibilities of humanity expand and with it so do the options we have for occupation so that, in the one (hopefully) utopian future, we all have that perfect job. And i imagine we’ll still be writing.

    • ClewisWrites

      So true. We are lucky to have had the opportunities to work toward achieving our dreams. And I hope, like you, that as we move forward, we are still writing. It would be a sad place if no one was writing.

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