Relaxation, I Remember The Word

It’s been a busy week, at least it feels like it has been.  I don’t know that I have much to show for it though.

Friday night is here and the weekend has begun.  Relaxing on a Friday night usually means catching up on the DVR.  Tonight, we watched last week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy (the season finale), The Walking Dead (mid-season finale), and the Vampire Diaries.

Yes you read that right, we, yes the Husband watches too, watch the Vampire Diaries.  It’s cheesy.  There’s way too much drinking, sex, and skipping school for it to be even remotely realistic. Oh wait, the vampires probably take care of the suspension of  reality aspect don’t they? Oh well.  We’ll just chalk it up to a guilty pleasure.

All joking aside, it’s quite a way to unwind with the Husband after a long week.  We started the night off watching the Club take out one of its biggest threats, the fate of one of its own now hangs in the balance, and Gemma is being Gemma.  This season felt too short which just shows how good a season it was.  A recent article with the show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, talked about how it really takes Hamlet and brings it to a different theater, with more players and a few more sub-plots.  It’s one reason I enjoy it, seeing the Shakespearean theme played out on Harleys with hardened criminals, the women that stand behind them, the lives they destroy in their quest to find peace for themselves at any cost is so captivating.  Now we have to wait months to find out the fate of the Club and everyone else under the Club’s umbrella.  (There is so much more I want to say but I don’t want to post spoilers since I hate it when people do that to me!)

We then go from one type of monster to another.  The zombies in the Walking Dead are my kind of zombies, they move slowly.  I feel like if I had to face those kind of Zombies in a zombie-pocalypse, I might actually stand a chance.  Though, if I end up in a camp with someone like the Governor, I might reconsider my chances in the woods surrounded by walkers.  That man really creeps me out.  Everything about his little Stepford town is just creepy, not to mention the fact that Merle is close to being in charge is more than enough to make me turn the other direction.  I also am still wondering about Michonne and her background.  What made her so hard and what is with her attachment to that katana?  I haven’t read the comics though, I must admit that I am very close to picking them up. I am interested to see how things will develop and play out after the mid-season finale.

I also have to confess that I’m kind of annoyed with all these mid-season breaks.  I suppose if the trade-off is more amazing television then it’s ok but it’s still a little annoying.

So watching all this violence and monsters, we spent a relaxing night in, suspending our reality for a little while and feeling completely entertained.

This post is part of a month-long series of posts with NaBloPoMo.  Check it out! Today’s prompt was “What’s the best way to relax after a hard day?”  Be sure to read the other blogs that are participating!

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One response to “Relaxation, I Remember The Word

  1. totally get this guilty pleasure.. i have similar ones too:)
    loved your comment about the slow-zombies…

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