A Most Valuable Lesson

Every day we are presented with an opportunity to teach and often, we don’t even realize it.  I look at my daughter and realize that every day, she’s learning something new. There’s so much her brain is processing and learning and it fascinates me.  Watching how she just picks up the smallest things and incorporates them into her life is amazing to see.

I enjoy being able to help someone learn something.  Watching a person have that “ah-ha” moment when they understand a new concept or idea is a very cool thing to witness.   With the Daughter, I get to see this in some form every day.  I know it sounds a little cheesy and sometimes I question myself writing about it.  Whatever.  I’m cheesy.

Most recently, I have been working on teaching the Daughter how to read.  She knows her letters and she knows most of the sounds of the letters.  Those are the two basic building blocks of reading so since she knows those things, it should be easy, right?   Being an avid reader myself, I always knew that I wanted to do my best to make sure that my child enjoyed a good story.  I figured that the leap between knowing the letters and their sounds and actually recognizing sight words would be a simple step.

Call me naive, it’s ok.  I just don’t remember how I learned to read so I’m not sure what the exact steps are.  It’s not like it comes with a manual, though that would be a little ironic wouldn’t it?  I’m sure somewhere, there’s a manual on how to teach someone to read, it’s probably called a “school book.”  At any rate…

She’s been slowly getting better at it.  Small words like “stop” and her own name are very easily recognized.  She knows that Mommy starts with “m” and Daddy has “d”s in it.  She has most of Green Eggs and Ham memorized which is also a good sign because now when we read it, I can point to a word and she knows what it is, at least in the early pages where it’s pretty much the same ten words just in a different order.  (Here’s your useless trivia for the day:  Dr. Seuss was challenged by his publisher to write a book using no more than fifty words.  Green Eggs and Ham was the winning story.  That is also why it’s such a great book to start teaching kids how to read!)

We also make sure that we spell out the smaller words so she can start to understand how the letters go together, kind of like how Word World makes everything out of the words themselves.  It’s fun to see her spell things like h-a-t, hat and c-u-p, cup.  My favorite thing is how she comes up with her own spelling.  Like on Sunday, she was telling us how she needed a “drink, p-i-n, drink.”  Her random string of letters are sometimes comical and I often have to stifle laughter so I don’t insult her attempt at spelling the word she is so desperate to communicate.


Word World – where words come alive

I’m sure that as the weeks go by and we keep reading books over and over, taking care to point out the smaller three and four letter words, we will be reading even more in no time at all.  Until then, I will relish the fact that I am able to spell-talk with the Husband or any other adult.

This post is part of December’s NaBloPoMo.  Check it out!  Today’s prompt was: Do you enjoy teaching others? Talk about a time you taught someone how to do something.



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2 responses to “A Most Valuable Lesson

  1. Oh wow – my littlest son is at the same phase. I love when they memorize their favorite books as part of their Pre-Reading stage. How fun is that?

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