If you Lead, I will Follow? If you Follow, I will Lead?

Being a leader is a complicated task.  You have to have a plan.  You have to have a vision.  You have to be able to work with other people.  Sometimes it’s just a hassle.

As the oldest of four, I sometimes thought I was the leader of my brothers.  Later in life, I realize I was just a really bossy older sister and hopefully that realization has helped me be a little less bossy.  Whether or not I have really changed, you probably have to ask my brothers.  A leader is more than just being the oldest and possessing a warped sense that you are just the logical choice for being a leader (even if you know deep down in your heart of hearts that it is true).


I don’t know that I am a leader.  I do know I am definitely NOT a follower.  I often find myself preferring to do things on my own that way I can make the decisions, be responsible for it all.  Even though I may have enjoyed having complete control over projects I have worked on in the past, it may not be the best trait to have.  I find myself, as I get older, getting more used to just doing things my own way.  Does that make me a leader or just one who likes to have her own way?

Collaboration is the easier way to accomplish most projects that require more than one person.  Whether it be work, a house renovation project, or parenting, sometimes its better to decide what to you are willing to compromise on for the greater good.  Collaboration is about compromise and knowing what you can bring to the project or event that will help make it better.

But is collaboration just a form of leadership?  True leaders know how to effectively collaborate and come together to work toward a solution.  So, shouldn’t our leaders know how to do this?  I don’t usually like to get all political here but if our leaders could get back to collaboration and trying to work together, they would be setting an amazing example for us.  We would see people who have major differences working toward something greater than themselves.  They would be leaders, showing us how collaboration brings good to everyone.  They also would show us a set of leaders that would be worthy of some followers.

Just some food for thought.  As for me, I will be quietly working, waiting for someone to collaborate with.

This blog post is part of a month long series NaBloPoMo.  The theme this month is Work and today’s prompt was “Do you feel most comfortable being a leader, a follower, or a collaborator?”



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2 responses to “If you Lead, I will Follow? If you Follow, I will Lead?

  1. I’m like you, I definitely don’t like to follow, but I don’t like leading others either. The responsibility sometimes feel stifling and hinders my capabilities, and sometimes being under the leadership of someone else does that too.

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