NaNoWriMo Update

Here we are on November 12.  NaNoWriMo is almost at the half-way point.  I have been writing a lot.  I passed the word count from last year so that’s a good thing.  However, here I am, slightly stuck and watching my word count slip farther away from the daily goal.  Sigh.

My inner editor has managed to yell loud enough that her words are starting to make their way to my brain.  I need her to shut up.  She needs to just keep her mouth shut for 18 more days.  That’s it.  And since today is almost over, it’s really only 17 more days.

The worst thing is that I am behind.  Today’s word goal was to be at 20,000 words.  I am only at 12, 495.  Not good.  I have a lot of ground to make up but, see here’s the thing.  For the first few days, I was just writing with no direction.  I had this character in  my head.  I knew her.  I didn’t know what was going on with her though.  Then last week, it just hit me.  I knew what her problem was.  I knew what she needed to do.  I spent a lot of time trying to learn a little more about the big bad meanie who would be in her way.  There was a lot I didn’t know.  I finally had my outline more solidly nailed out and it felt good.  I felt like I really could work with it.  But then I looked at the NaNo site and realized how off par I was with my word count and I got nervous.

But I needed that spark moment.  It was kind of like that moment when you are doing a color by number and you aren’t quite sure what it is you are coloring in (like when you were five) and all of a sudden, you color that one block and it hits you.  You can see the whole picture without its colors.  It all makes sense and at the same time, you can see all the options just unfolding in front of you.  It’s a satisfying feeling.  You finally connect with it and you are ready to tackle it and make it as awesome on the page as it is in your head.

I assure you, I do not sit on the floor and write like that. I like not having back problems…

So, here I sit, procrastination setting in.  I have the word document open and it’s there, talking to me.  Whispering really, over the shouts of that dumb voice that is itching to edit, re-write, and delete.  I suppose I should go, turn on my Pandora electronica station and write until my eyes blur.  How do you deal with procrastination?



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5 responses to “NaNoWriMo Update

  1. Procrastination has become my biggest enemy, especially when it comes to blogging and writing. I find that I have way too many ideas, but then they all get jumbled together and I cannot separate them. It’s like one big mass of words, stuck in a cyclone, in my head. Augh!

    • ClewisWrites

      I know the feeling well! I have notebooks all over the house (which drives eveyrone in my house a little crazy) so that when I get that idea, I can easily write it down but even then, it takes me forever to get back to those ideasl

  2. Amy

    Not sure if it is really procrastination in a negative sort or purposeful way. I think life is busy and we end up prioritizing other things and then there is the day to day stuff that cause you to resort out how the day will go. Blogging and writing is important because it is not only a hobby but also an outlet to express ourselves especially as mothers because we rarely get precious mins to ourselves. If you are jotting things down then take 5 mins before you go to sleep at night and just quickly go back and explore previous written thoughts.

  3. I don’t procrastinate. I can’t stand to put things off. But with the blog, I find that at times I lack focus – that I am easily distracted (hello, pinterest!). Since making a content calendar, it’s helped me stay on track and keep my focus.

    • ClewisWrites

      Pinterest is by far a procrastinator’s dream come true or worst nightmare, depending on how you look at it!

      Content calendars are great. They do help keep the focus and help keep things moving along.

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