Getting Over Vacation Hangover

The Husband and I recently went on our first vacation since we had the Daughter.  We decided that we would spend our anniversary away and back in March, booked our October vacation for Las Vegas.

It has now been six days since I’ve been back and I still feel a little off kilter and you can tell because I haven’t blogged or even played my most favorite Facebook game since I’ve been back.  I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have a true daily routine to come home to?  Maybe the holiday weekend added to my already weird sense of time?  Maybe I just didn’t want vacation to be over despite the fact that I missed the Daughter terribly.  Or maybe I just really enjoyed myself and was basking in the glow of a Vacation Hangover.

Vacations are weird like that.  Some people come home saying, “I need a Vacation from my Vacation.”  I have to be honest.  I never really got that statement.  If you need a vacation from a vacation, then you must not have enjoyed your time off or you spent your time go, go, going that you missed the point of your vacation?   All I know is that I have never felt that way about vacation.  I usually come back happy and excited because I spent time in a new place, saw new things, met new people.  It’s just a fun thing to me – not stressful.  And yes, we have traveled with the Daughter – internationally and it was quite the adventure but in the end not too stressful, but that is a story for another time.  Travel is an adventure and vacation is just a word to call that adventure.

During our latest adventure, we stayed at the Luxor, the hotel/casino that is shaped like a pyramid and themed after ancient Egypt.

The Luxor from Las Veags Blvd

After attending the annual AAA Travel Marketplace back in March, we decided to book through Southwest Airlines Vacations.  Now, having the experience I have in hospitality, I usually feel better booking my components separately and tend to avoid packages because sometimes there are just better deals on the service provider’s sites.  But after doing my own research through my normal routes, the package that we were offered at the travel expo really was an amazing deal.  A nightly room rate of $36 (plus tax), transportation to and from the airport, and non-stop flights from Providence to Las Vegas were the key components of the package.  We could have added a rental car but after talking to many Vegas veterans, we figured we probably wouldn’t leave the Strip and that the taxis and buses would be enough for us to get through the city.

Being Vegas virgins, we went with only ideas of what we wanted to do.  My husband thinks I plan too much so he did not want to have a set agenda.  Though, I have to say, my idea of planning is just a loose list of things I’d like to see or do.  Not a list that says at 0730 hours we will wake, by 0830 hours we will have eaten at XYZ Buffet, at 1000 hours we will purchase tickets for the Deuce, etc…Even though that’s what the Husband thinks it is.  My travel style is to do research and see what people recommend then just make a list of points of interest and attempt to see them.  Despite my list, the Husband and I both agreed there were three main things we wanted to do while in the City of Sin.

1) See the Bellagio Fountains – check

2) See the Casinos – Check.

3) Eat at one of the Top Chef Masters Restaurants – CHECK!!!

Hubert Keller is one of my favorites from the show and we actually ate our anniversary dinner at his Burger Bar in Mandalay Place (the mall between Luxor and Mandalay Bay).  Best burger I have eaten in a VERY long time!  Plus the milkshakes were for grownups!

I should note that we “settled” for this more affordable option despite the fact that we really wanted to be enjoying the “Fleur Burger 5000” which consists of Wagyu beef, foie gras, truffle, and a bottle of ’95 Chateau Petrus all for the completely reasonable price of $5,000.  I am not kidding either…See for yourself.  Also, you should know that the first sentence of this paragraph is ripe with sarcasm…it’s practically oozing from each letter, even if I really am curious as to what that burger would taste like.

I’ll take my milkshake, enjoy it, and pretend it cost $5,000 because it sure tasted good enough to be worth that much!

Other than that, we just meandered around like slack-jawed tourists, in awe of the sounds, the lights, the people-watching.  We did all of that very successfully, I might add.   We didn’t gamble all our money away in part because we didn’t have a ton of money to gamble but also because we were there more for the attractions and the experience of the city that never really sleeps.

So, why is it so hard for me to get back into the swing of things?  Am I that resistant to getting back into a routine?  Possibly.  Maybe I should start planning my next vacation.  That might help me feel like I’m accomplishing something.  Now to get out the map and throw the dart…


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2 responses to “Getting Over Vacation Hangover

  1. You know, I get this. I always feel restless after a vacay. Also, I’m usually really tired as my vacations usually involve climbing/hiking/etc. Our last trip we drove across country with an infant (we were pooped after that trip!) My solution? Start brainstorming for your next trip!

    • ClewisWrites

      True. I suppose if you are on the move a lot and doing a lot of physical activity like hiking, etc, it would be more tiring than relaxing.

      But I agree with your solution! It really does seem to work!

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