A Day at the Museum

Last Sunday, we went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.   I hyped the trip up to the Daughter as “going to the art museum to see the artwork that the Little Einsteins see.”  Luckily, that was enough to get her interested in going.  When we got there, we did have a mission.  My Mom is currently taking a course that required her to visit the museum and take a photo of a photo…don’t ask it’s a long and very bizarre explanation.  So, on our quest to the 3rd floor photography exhibits, we passed by this beautiful painting:

Antibes, the Pink Cloud by Paul Signac

This was in the same room as a few of Monet’s Water Lilies (my most favorite pieces of art ever), a few Van Gogh’s and some other wonderful Impressionists.  This one struck me though.  The colors were just so bright, my photo doesn’t do it justice.  I just loved the green sail too.  Something about that green sail against that pink cloud (I like to think it was sunset and the boat was going back to port for the day), just makes me happy.  I have seen pink clouds like that and they are beautiful.  This painting captured that beauty in a way I cannot put into words.

As we continued on, we found this painting:

Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple (?)
Fra Carnevale (Bartolomeo di Giovanni Corradini), about 1467

The daughter wanted to have her photo taken in front of it too.  I just found myself wondering what the conversations in this painting were about.  I could see the stories pouring out of the canvas before me and onto my notebook.  I also loved the light and the depth in this painting.  Renaissance painting is another favorite of mine for the richness of the colors, the crispness of the lines, and the simple way the paintings contain a whole story.

We continued on to the exhibit that Mom needed for her assignment and the Daughter and I walked around trying to see more things.  I was happy to find even more inspiring pieces.  I wish the Daughter hadn’t hit her threshold of art and that she didn’t feel the need to test out the reverberation of the rooms by shouting the word “echo” in each of the galleries.

I did get to see some pretty amazing pieces that made me stop to think.  Like this one (sorry – I forgot to snap the little placards next to the following pieces because I was so intrigued by them and then I also had a small child pulling me along):

Then there was this one – the photo doesn’t do it justice but it looked like people seen through a dirty window on a rainy day.

I think that I am going to use some of these as inspiration for some of my writing.  I took a few other pictures from the American paintings galleries.  As I write, I will share those paintings with you because they were interesting and just jump-started my imagination.

I love when the muses hit me like that.  It’s just so much fun and it made me realize that I don’t see enough art in person. It’s one thing to look at art online or on a postcard or on a print.  But to get up close, see the brush strokes, see the colors, see the lighting, there is something special in that simple act.

If you are up for the trip to Boston, check out your local library first.  We used our CLAMS card and got a discounted pass for two to the MFA.  It was a pretty spectacular discount – $7 per ticket.  The library pass is good for two passes and there is a one pass per family limit.  There are many great passes at your local library including the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island, the Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford, Heritage Museum and Gardens, and many others!  Check them out sometime and enjoy something new and different with your family!

Living on Cape Cod, there are many great art museums and galleries that we can visit and I think that I will make more of an effort to visit these and see what local artists have created!



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5 responses to “A Day at the Museum

  1. I have not been to the Museum of Art in ages but it is such a great experience. Thanks for the tip on the discounts you get with your Clams card!

  2. Wonderful pics! I love art museums-I find it a calming place-not sure if I could take my son at his age yet but def something to consider for the future-there really should be a children’s art museum someplace near by-brainstorm!

    • ClewisWrites

      A children’s art museum would be pretty spectacular. I think if they had prints of famous children’s book illustrators, things the kids could recognize, it would be an awesome place to bring the kids to start learning about art. I know I would take the Daughter to a museum like that. You may be on to something!

  3. Jody

    Ooo- lovely post! We love going on field trips with the help of our CLAMS card to.

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