Frequent Flyer Hospital Cards?

If such a card exists, I surely need one.

Yesterday was my one month mark from my gallbladder surgery. Recovery is moving right along, thankfully.  These past few days I have really been feeling about 93% normal.  That’s a big accomplishment for me!

Today started off as any other day.  I dropped the Daughter off at pre-school.  I came home and finished getting ready for work. I worked, I came home.  I cooked the salmon I took out for dinner with butternut squash and couscous.  It was delicious!

I got a pin bone stuck in my throat.

That was not part of the plan for today.  The Husband drove as fast as he could to the hospital.  We only got stuck behind one person going ten miles below the limit and one truck that pulled out in front of us.  We pulled into the parking lot for the ER and there was not a single available spot.  It was like the universe was plotting against me.  First the fish bone, then no ER parking.  So, the husband drops me off at the door and I go in prepared for a full waiting room and praying that there will be no wait.  Certainly an obstruction in the throat would bump me to the front of the line.

Imagine my surprise that I had no wait at all.  I got seen before even telling them I had a fish bone stuck in my throat and I could feel it moving.  Luckily, the triage nurse, the ER nurse, and the ER doctor could see the bone stuck in the back of my throat.  Then the ER doctor, who was amazing by the way, explained the procedure.

He had to use that tool that they use when people need to be incubated.  He showed me what it looked like and I almost died.

The one on the left is the tool the doctor had to use to get a better view.

This image might be a little misleading.  Imagine gripping that handle bar and having maybe half an inch sticking out of your fist.  Hope that puts it into better perspective.

Then he unwrapped these suckers:

I don’t know which one he had to use – either the middle or the bottom. Definitely wasn’t the top one…

He was quick about it, thankfully.  And as soon as it was out, I felt better despite how scratched my throat now is.  The scratchiness and soreness should be gone in a few days.  I think tomorrow morning the plan will be to gargle with some awesome salt water.  Fun times to be had for sure!

I really hope that is my last “I-think-I-might-die” moment this year.  *reaching over to knock on the wooden end table*  2012 just has not been my health year.  First the gallbladder, then the wisdom teeth, then the bruising of the leg/ankle, then the surgery, and now the fish bone.

Salmon Pin Bone

I am lucky in more ways than one.  First, I have fairly good health insurance and despite this year of medical woes, it would be much worse if we didn’t have it.  Second,  I live in a place where there are good facilities readily available.   Quality care is provided and given compassionately.  You are a person not just an id bracelet.  Third, now that it’s taken care of I can get back to focusing on my weight loss.  Fourth, I will be mashing my salmon before eating it for the next few months just because I can (and yes that’s a lucky thing).

So…what do you have to be thankful for today?  What makes you lucky?


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2 responses to “Frequent Flyer Hospital Cards?

  1. Good lord woman! Glad you’re okay!

    So, for frequent flyer cards…how do you imagine it would work? Would you get to earn points each time you visit the ER. Do you get extra points for getting in and out quick? What could you redeem your points for? Discounts on your co-pay? 🙂

  2. ClewisWrites

    I was thinking more along the lines of visit x number of times in y number of months and get a free visit after a certain number.

    Though, if it were a points based system, discounts on labs (since ours are not covered unless it’s for physicals) would be lovely. Or maybe the points could be used for hospital grade bandages or a free ice cream cone for having to be there so many times in so many months.

    I’m just done with this year. Can we get to 2013 already?

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