5 Days of (Kind of) Not Writing

I broke my promise to myself.  I have gone five days without writing anything.  That’s not good.  I shouldn’t say I haven’t written anything.  I’ve written stuff for work, I’ve jotted down some story ideas.  I’ve gone back to re-read my outline of the story I have that’s been stuck on page 7 for months now.  I have been writing.  Just not blogging – well, not until today!

Over the past five days I have gained bay 1.4 (I wrote about that one already though – see the last blog post).  I have gotten yelled at by a very mean old man IN church – I still can’t stop thinking about him because I’m most likely going to be seeing him again on Sunday morning.   I would go into the story again, but I seriously don’t feel like wasting the energy on the man who yelled over a child coloring the offertory envelopes and was quiet and well-behaved during mass.  Oh well.

He kind of looked like this cartoon. Go figure.

I went back to work this week.  I work online doing social media marketing and other things that are all accessible by the internet.  I spend a lot of time reading up on the trends, figuring out what content will get people to engage, then monitoring all the various sites that we might pop up on.  It’s not a hard job, just a plugged in job.  I like it.  It’s good to be back to work too.  I was getting antsy sitting at home recovering.  I know I need to recover but I get bored easily.  Whine, whine, whine…

Light Reading That Might Save Your Life Someday.

I have started a new book: The Zombie Survival Guide.  It was a gift I received and it was next in my “to-read” pile.  It’s kind of funny in some ways though I did kind of laugh when I read that any time you see the news talking about West Nile Virus, it might be a cover-up story to hide a Zombie outbreak.  Is that what’s happening in MA right now with all the spraying for West Nile Virus and Triple E?  Maybe.  I will be commencing my cardio routine as soon as I’m cleared for more exercise.

True Blood ended in spectacular fashion.  The Newsroom was an appropriate ending considering it ended on the eve of the GOP Convention.

I’m also trying to decide what new recipe to try this week.  So many options.

I’m hoping to get more photos of my quilt up after I get a little more of it done.  I’m slow.  It’s ok though because it’s not a race.

And that’s all I’ve got for totally random thoughts for today.  Next time, I should have more focused thoughts…maybe.


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