Dentists are not evil. Dentists are NOT evil!

Growing up, I didn’t go to the Dentist much.  It’s a long story, trust me.  Now as an adult, I am paying the price for all those years.  And what a price it is because let me tell you, Dental Insurance is insane.  At least we have it, yes but, seriously…it’s insane how quickly you hit that $1,000 limit if you need to have work done.  INSANE.  But I digress…

Tomorrow, the Daughter has her very first dentist appointment.  3 years old and she’s going in for her first cleaning.  Luckily, our neighbor, someone she loves, is the dental hygienist so this should make the whole experience a fun one.  Yes, I’m driving almost an hour to get there but if it means that the Daughter won’t grow up with my complete and utter fear of Dentists and all their instruments of doom, so be it.

It’s funny how fear can really bring a relatively smart person to do  pretty stupid things.  How many other fears have been known to hold people back?  There are the extreme cases, like the Howard Hughes of the world.  But there are also the smaller fears, like spiders. that can prevent someone from going into a room where they just saw the hairy, eight-legged, fanged arachnid.

I hope that by starting her out young and getting her into good habits now, habits I had but didn’t always have reinforced, she will enjoy relatively trauma-free dental visits for the majority of her life and keep that smile perfect so we can get more pictures like this one…

Wonder Woman says “Cheese!”



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